1. ATXFJ80

    For Sale 95'-97' FZJ80 steering wheel and passenger airbags.

    For sale 95'-97' FZJ80 steering wheel and passenger side airbags $100 each and I have two of each. Arch 512-800-8869
  2. DocuDude

    When was side airbag standard on the LC and also the LX?

    Yes I searched. Looks like it may be 2003 for LC, but I want to be certain. And what year for the Lexus? Thanks.
  3. Drakers

    For Sale 2000 LX470 AHC removed with rear airbag assist

    For sale is my 2000 LX470. Purchased this as in interim vehicle while looking for a closer commute.. six months later and still driving 35+ miles to work one way. Was hoping to change jobs and keep this vehicle, it just doesn't make sense as a commuter for one person. Asking $9800. It has 168XXX...
  4. gatormark91

    airbag DTC 74

    Hi all - Getting airbag DTC code 74 on my '00 LC. Manual indicates this code is "DTC B0136/74 Open in P/T Squib (LH) Circuit". I have reset the code, pulled the battery even, and it keeps coming back. For some back story - I recently replaced the stock stereo, yanked the factory amp. Since...
  5. A

    replace air system, Shocks first, lift later

    Last weekend, I was sitting on the back of the gx and the rear was lowering on me. I suspected the airbags were going out. The truck also leaned to the right, which lead me to believe I had a shock out also. The air system continued to work while driving so it was okay. Yesterday, my wife...
  6. sprocket3

    Aftermarket seats in Gx470! What to do with airbag system???

    Anyone swap out the front seats for aftermarket units and successfully sort out the airbag issues? I'd love to get a set of these in the GX I just picked up. Worried about all the airbag wiring incorporated in the seats/bases and what happens when sensors aren't in the system. scheel-mann...
  7. ToHiHy

    One Expensive Trip

    Nothing like an airbag in your face, or a seatbelt pre tensioner mark across ones torso! Driven this road numerous times and the powers to be thought they should deactivate it with out any warning. Sitting shy of $13000 CDN to fix☹️ Needless to say I will be more careful in future on...
  8. junior80

    Wanted '95+ fzj80 steering wheel + cruise control parts Sydney, Aus.

    Hi all, I'm after a 95 onwards steering wheel with airbag and all associated parts for the cruise control, must be grey to match the interior. This will be to retro-fit into a 40th anniversary without the airbag steering wheel and no factory cruise control. will pay for int'l shipping for the...
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