1. C

    ABS, VSC Trac, VSC Off, Brake Lights on with ABS alarm.

    So I have read through quite a few other posts of people experiencing a very similar problem, but I was able to get a phone video of mine on the lead up and as it was occurring. I have a 2000 LC. My dash lights have now come on twice in the morning on my way to work and have shut back off...
  2. 4

    2005 LX470 VGRS ECU

    My LX470 has the VGRS, VSC OFF, and VSC TRAC lights on. They are steady and remain on all the time while driving. Took it to Toyota to get diagnosed and the codes pulled were ABS: C1289, C1291, C1340 VGRS: C1554, C1568 AHC: 1777. I was told these are all related to the VGRS going bad except for...
  3. F

    Fix for ABS, VSC TRAC, VSC OFF, & Brake lights remain on no CEL, or how to repair an ECU

    Hopefully this post saves you some money by showing you how to potentially repair your skid control ECU rather than replacing/buying a new/used one (skid control ECU part # 89540-60160). These instructions do require the ability to solder surface mount components and use either an oscilloscope...
  4. Skrugg

    ABS Delete Experience?

    Hey all, I'm overhauling the brakes on my 80 and there's a ton of threads about mushy brakes that are difficult to bleed. I haven't gotten that far yet, as I'm still on axle stands waiting on a few more parts. However, I'm thinking ahead. One of the solutions I've seen posted is to delete the...
  5. R

    ABS light and alarm when cold

    Hey all, wondering if anyone else has had this. On cold mornings I can hear my brake pump churning and after about 5 minutes of driving the ABS light and sound alarm come on. Drives fine and breaks work but the alarm is annoying. It goes of after things warm up in about 15-20 minutes. I have...
  6. Landbruiser100

    For Sale 00-02 100 landcruiser (used) Master cylinder. Delmarva USA

    Have the master cylinder from my 2000 100 series Land Cruiser US gas 4.7 WITH ABS TRAC used in 2000 to 2002 L/C's. Bought rebuilt kit, cleaned per service manual. Took to Delaware Toyota Dealer for bleed as it is recommended to bleed this system with OBD connection. Toyota declined to bleed...
  7. rockclmbr

    For Sale 100 Series

    I have a used brake booster/ABS/Master Cylinder system from a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. It needs to be re-built with seals as the pedal was going to the floor before it was replaced. I saved it hoping someone could use some of the parts and save $$. It is free if you come get it or pay...
  8. Rubiclone

    ABS ECU Diagnostics

    Some background, I have a converted 1993 FZJ80 with a 1991 1HDT, I did the mechanical conversion and a shop (Radd Cruisers) did the electrical work on the truck about 6 years ago now. Long story short I need to have a functioning ABS light, the 1991 dash that I am using does not have a...
  9. E

    '99 ABS alarm tone with locked rear

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Taken care of many niggles thanks to IH8MUD. I have a new behavior with my '99 100 series where I get a steady alarm tone coinciding with the ABS light when I lock the rear diff. From my research here, I guess that is the tone ABS emits when it's...
  10. RotorHead04

    ABS, VSC, A TRAC, and Brake dash lights ON

    I just recently got one of my cruisers running after two months of down time. I replaced the sunroof track cables, and exhaust manifold gaskets. I was in no hurry to fix it because no one likes doing manifold gaskets. Either way I got it put back together and running again. I noticed now...
  11. nwcoast

    Code 44 abs- five speed swap?

    hello all, I've been slowly going through my 80 that I got from a guy that did a 1-hdt swap with an Australian 5-speed manual tranny. He did a super nice job, but didn't figure out the cruise control and ABS light before I got it. With the help of MUD guys I got the cruise control...
  12. S

    Rear A C does not run (power) & radio will not turn on (power)

    99 UZ100 After extensive squirrel damage to under hood harness and subsequent removal and re installation of the OEM spec re manufactured harness the truck runs, ABS system (damaged by shorted wires) works as intended, front AC blows cold and runs correctly, the only issues presenting are rear...
  13. RFB

    Removing ABS

    Ive heard it mentioned and I do not dig my ABS,And want to know if it is possible to remove the ABS system without Effing up the brakes, this truck needs brakes, not ABS. is it possible and will it effect my yearly inspection, etc.
  14. OREGON85

    ABS wheel speed sensor

    I broke one of my wheel speed sensors when I was tearing the axle down. I am planning on getting a new one from a wrecking yard. Can anyone tell me about compatibility? Does it matter if it is from the left or right, front or back? Are all the years that had ABS compatible? Thanks!
  15. D

    For Sale 1998 Lexus LX 470 ABS Unit - PA/USA

    My ABS went on my Lexus LX 470 a few years back and I bought a rebuilt unit and still have the old one that was not working. I don't know what malfunctioned on it and it was easier for my mechanic to rip and replace with a new one. Instead of spending $800+ on a used or rebuilt unit, you can...
  16. M

    Wanted WTB: FZJ80 passenger steering knuckle with ABS

    Looking to purchase a FZJ80 passenger ABS steering knuckle . Thank you. My zip is 95824.
  17. T


    I am looking for the following spare parts for my 2001 100 SERIES - ABS pump assembly (also known as “abs booster”) PART # 47210L 47050-60022 BRAKE BOOSTER ASSY, W/MASTER CYLINDER version without VSC stability ctrl - one headrest for the rear seats (stone grey colour leather) -...
  18. T


    I am looking for an ABS brake master cylinder assembly OEM part number 47050-60022, used in good working order
  19. warezdog

    For Sale ABS from a 1996 180K Maryland

    Removed when I did the ABS and LSPV delete after putting on 35's. $75 plus the ride. Headed to Florida on the 5th and won't return until the 9th so I can't ship until I get back. Post here first for dibs then PM
  20. T

    just changed rear brake pads....now ABS light on

    Hey everyone, I just changed the rear brake pads on my 97 FZJ80 (they were really worn) and after replacing, the ABS light stays on. I disconnected the battery for about 3 minutes...no dice. I did have to compress the caliper and that caused fluid to leak out of the reservoir but I drained...
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