1. T

    70 series HV and V suffix meaning

    Hi there! While perusing 77 models on the JDM auctions I've noticed that both the HZJ77 and the PZJ77 can have V or HV affixed after their model number. On this forum they make the following distinction : HV = Japanese market ordinary truck, hard top V = Japanese market light truck, hard top...
  2. sigorama

    For Sale  1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 - "Wicked Patina"

    SPECS VIN #: FJ40246129 Clear Colorado Title Located in Monument, Colorado Mileage unknown; previous owner stated in the 70-80k range, but cannot verify OEM Front Disc brakes OVERVIEW This Colorado Land Cruiser was originally olive in color, but over time has been sanded here and painted there...
  3. Rusty 72

    For Sale  77 wiring harness

    77 complete harness
  4. decoco


    I posted this in the 70 series thread, I'm trying to desperately address this: Hello, I'm having a drifting issue with my 77, it's leaf sprung in the front. When I bought it pulled a bit to one side, then took it in for an alignment it drove straight. I then had an issue and needed to...
  5. decoco


    Hello, I'm having a drifting issue with my 77, it's leaf sprung in the front. When I bought it pulled a bit to one side, then took it in for an alignment it drove straight. I then had an issue and needed to replace a tie rod end, at this time I also swapped in the spare tire, I got it...
  6. OverLand Cruisers

    craigslist  77 FJ40 PHX $38,500

    Not a bad looking 40, nothing glaringly wrong or horrible that I noticed. Be nice to see the body before they sprayed it though. 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 It would be fun to watch on an auction site. Cheers:beer:
  7. Nado FJ

    Wanted  EGR Components for 77 FJ40

    I'm missing it all. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Paul
  8. razorback06

    is this a mud member rig by chance

    found these by accident , hope they made it out alive 77 year model
  9. G-Cat

    Rear Emblem Stand-offs and Nuts: 77 40

    So I horse-traded for new rear emblems for my 77. They did not come with the "stand off brackets" or nuts for mounting. Should they have? I reused the ones for the 4wd emblem but my truck didn't have a rear TOYOTA Emblem. (Sticker from CCOT is in pic). So, I found the nuts on Cruiser Corps...
  10. Gordobe

    Wanted  77 compatible steering column

    Just need the tube, lower flange attachment and shaft.
  11. swelltimes

    For Sale  Hard top for 77 40 series - good condition, ready for resto

    Hi all - When I bought my '77 FJ-40 ~ 5 years ago, it came with a 2nd hard top. This top is ready for some prep and paint, and the rain gutter needs some TLC. A solid candidate for ~ 10 - 15 hours of work, ideal for a truck that needs an undamaged hard top. I've included a number of pics to...
  12. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale  77 Tube style tire carrier Dune Beige SOLD

    I have a stock tube style carrier off a 76 or newer. I sand blasted, primed, and sprayed it base/clear with dune beige. $300 shipped. CONUS OBO
  13. overton

    Wanted  Great 1977 through 1983 FJ40

    I'm looking for great a 77 through 83 FJ40 from dry climates. Power steering and or A/C is a plus so 79 and later are preferred. Original paint is a plus. Rust free as possible. Original as possible. Will consider restorations as well. PM me if you have something. Thanks, Greg
  14. 85FJ60SD

    Wanted  Wrong thread

    ......wrong thread
  15. T

    Wanted  77 4 Speed Clutch Fork Hub

    Does anyone have an extra clutch fork hub for a 4 speed they would be willing to sell? It's out of a 77 FJ40. Some moron trashed mine with the throw out bearing, and the moron was me. :(
  16. ColoradoFJ40

    Exterior carburetor leak. 77 stock carb

    Hey Guys. Aside from my fuel lines running into and out of the carb do you have any ideas as to what would cause these drips on the front of the carb facing the radiator? I had this rebuilt a few years ago and it runs really really well. But I didn't do the rebuild and carbs are new to me...
  17. White Stripe

    For Sale  77 fj40 3/4 tub

    I am turning my 40 more into more of a rock crawler. I'm selling the 3/4 tub. Has some mild rust. Rear sill was replaced with a galvanized panel years ago and should last a long time. Flares included, lights and fuel doors not included. Pm me if interested. 1200.00 obo located in denver
  18. Eco 45

    For Sale  1991 77 Series Low KM and Pristine Condition

    Cleanest 77 series I have had come to my shop. Thought about keeping it for myself but have others I want to play with. Truck has just over 61000 miles. Truck has the legendary 1HZ Toyota diesel engine with automatic transmission. Paint and interior are both 10 out of 10. This is an...
  19. BiffS

    Parting Out  All mechanical for LJ 78 series, and all electrical / interior for a 77 series JDM. Van, BC Canada

    please see cross post in Diesel JDM section. Most of the chassis and mechanical parts of the LJ 78 are availible. Vehicle had only 49k KM on it. Running 2LTE etc. the PZ77 is getting the body and 12V stuff from the LJ78, so all the 24V stuff is availible. all computers, 24V winch with 2...
  20. BiffS

    For Sale  73, 77, 78 SERIES diesel parts, engines in Van, BC Canada

    Now selling the running engines! 1PZ engine sold 150K KM 1HZ SOLD I'm (WRAPPING UP!) a body swap and a 12 volt conversion on my PZ77 from a LJ78 donor. Also going to part out a HZ 73. Have most of the 73 and 78 series availible for parts. the LJ78 only had 49,000 Kilometers on it. The 73 has...
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