1. S

    1HD-FT runs like a NA engine

    Am running a 1996 80 series with 1HD-FT on Auto Gbox. I have removed my EGT and after a few months the car has been gutless and runs like there is no Turbo. Patched the boost hose to check for turbo boost and it is approx 0.9 bar. I suspect might have messed up the hose configurations...
  2. TurboDennis

    Builds "The Cucumber" build. Ultimate 80-series. 1HD-FT, H152F, PTO and just about every other cool option

    A lot of you have been asking me to post some details on my build, so here i go. I also wanted to start this thread to keep track of all the things im doing to the truck and help motivate me to see the project through. And i will try to provide write ups of the unique mods for future reference...
  3. Col Monty

    Compression test for 1HD-FT in UK

    I'd like to have my 1HD-FT engine tested when I have it shipped back from Cape Town to the UK in the next few weeks, as I'm looking to sell it. There's a little black smoke but nothing crazy. It's done about 190k miles. Can anyone suggest somewhere in the UK where I could get it compression...
  4. Tugarin

    1FZ-F swap to 1HD-FT

    Just think that is someone will go my way: Swapping 1FZ-F (carburetor version) to 1HD-FT I did this swap as friend of mine decided to do a long range to Nepal and Thailand from Russia and decided that he needs brand new engine for that trip and sold me a good runner for a dime. The price for...
  5. Khmerbarang

    1HD-FT engine rebuild

    Starting teardown/rebuild on a 1Hd-FT engine in a 1995 HDJ81V. I’ll try to keep this thread updated with my progress and answer any questions I can for other members considering starting the same process - though I’m definitely a newbie at engine rebuilds. Today I: -Built a ramp to get the...
  6. Letsgomoreplaces

    For Sale 1HD-FT Stock Turbo

    Upgraded to aftermarket turbo when doing the motor swap on my HJ75. 1HD-FT Used OEM Turbo, This turbo was in good condition, but not sure on exact mileage. $350
  7. P

    HDJ80 600K Km

    Hey I have been offered a used HDJ80 that has driven 605,000 km, but there is no knowledge of engine maintenance. what do you guys think ?.. is there a way to check whether the big end bearings are ok, done or killed = rebuild of the 1HD-FT ?.. Br
  8. N

    1HD-FT tuning

    Hi all, I have been told by a reputable diesel tech that tunes alot of toyota diesel engines that there is some sort of device , i believe electrical, that limits the power output on the 1HD-FT engines in first and second gear. Me being a DIY kind of guy want to disable or remove this myself...
  9. franzugan

    1hd-t vs 1hd-ft injector pump

    Hi guys, simple question that I cannot find an answer for. I have the 1hd-t engine in my car and have an ft pump sitting in the garage shelf. It needs to be taken to the shop and tuned back to specs. My question is: are there any differences between the two, can they be interchanged and if yes...
  10. N

    1HD-FT injector upgrade

    I asked my diesel shop who is very reputable when it comes to toyota diesel tuning a quote to get my 1HD-FT injectors checked and rebuilt if necesarry. He told me it is better to convert my 2-stage injectors to single-stage injectors, better low down performance he said. I searched on Mud and...
  11. B

    1HD-FT plunger stroke ?

    Plunger stroke Europe 1.52 - 1.58 mm (0.0598 - 0.0622 in.) Australia 1.37 - 1.43 mm 10.0539 - 0.0563 in. Why it is different ? Rebuilt 1HD-ft (euro) who is going in to my HDJ 80 -91.(1HD-T) . Removed the egr and use 1HD-T injectionpump . Do i use Australia plunger stroke or Euro ?
  12. Lo2aY

    Injection Nozzle Pressure 1HD-FT

    Hello, I've searched and searched without any luck. Long story short, I'm wrapping up my 1HD-FT engine refresh. Need the specs for the correct amount of pressure the fuel nozzles should have. The FSM does not show what pressure it should be. It mentions a start to spray pressure of 2000+ PSI...
  13. popstar

    Wanted LC 450 super low miles, locked, as stock as possible, light colors

    Hello, I have recently joined this forum and have enjoyed reading about all the awesome builds and the tons of expert info available here. I have decided to take the plunge on an 80 series. I'm looking for an LX 450 in gold, silver, or white, maybe green, but no black (sorry). Looking for a...
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