For Sale 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy HDJ75 Trakka Bushman, pop-top, Nitro Gear Build. Wenatchee WA

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  1. 70 Series

1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy HDJ75 Trakka Bushman, pop-top, Nitro Gear Build.​

1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy Pop-Top HJ75 / HDJ75 Troop Carrier Trakka Bushman


How it started:
I acquired this vehicle in 2017 from the previous owner who had previously featured it on Expedition Portal. It had a bad motor, and in need of many repairs. The original article can be seen here:
OLD article:
HJ75 Trakka Bushman - Expedition Portal -

After having it shipped from the east coast it went straight to Torfab, here in WA state for the engine swap. The 2H that the vehicle was originally equipped with was completely blown and head removed. I went with the trusty and renowned Toyota 1HD-FT 4.2L 6 cylinder direct injected Turbo Diesel. This seemed like the perfect choice, as it was still diesel, but more modern, very reliable and came from a good, trusted source. I spared no expense and did many maintenance and upgrades like the turbo and intercooler, as I wanted it to be very reliable and of course powerful.

After getting the vehicle back we started in with all the other mechanical, like axles, suspension, etc, etc. once this was done we wanted do do some touch ups on the body. That’s where a little bit of rust around the pop-top became much more extensive. Ultimately, I wanted to do it right, so had a body shop re-do as much as can be done without a frame-off resto. The pop-top was removed and the roof structure completely reconstructed, new quarter panels installed, windows removed, paint stripped, body filled, sanded, primered, repainted. Interior was stripped and Lizard Skin coating was applied to the floor.It got a full build-out of the interior as outlined below.

What I love about this vehicle is you can wheel it like a Land Cruiser and then camp in it in warmth and comfort like a camper van. It also is very unique, looks awesome and drives well. You will get lots of attention and compliments in this vehicle. It also gets good fuel economy, and with the dual tanks, has a crazy long range. It had LOTS of KM’s on it when I acquired it, like over 400k km’s, but nearly everything has been replaced. I’ve driven it all over the western US, and into Baja, and would leave for a trip today. It’s a fantastic adventure vehicle for 1-2 people, and can accommodate more on occasion for shorter trips. I cant think of another vehicle that is so very capable offroad, and a capable self-contained camper. It also has LOTS of power, and gets good fuel economy.

It’s a 1987 Land Cruiser, it does not drive like a late model IFS vehicle. While it does handle, ride, and drive very will for its vehicle type, you need to understand that it is not a modern vehicle. Also, there has been body work, this is NOT a frame-off restoration, but very nice and lots has been done. I wouldn’t suggest using the vehicle extensively in winter climates that use road de-icer. Since we have this here, I just don’t drive it in the winter. There are a few small rust bubbles in the door sill corners and windshield frame, but they have been mitigated with the body resto. There are a few dings in the paint, but nothing major.

It runs awesome, and even starts very easily in very cold weather. However, in cold weather it will smoke until it warms up a bit. This is pretty normal, I had a recent service at Torfab, and they advised that there is not much that can be done with that.

I personally would not recommend for families of 4 plus. That’s the main reason I’ve decided to sell it. My family has 4 people and now my kids are teenagers, so we just don’t fit. I thought I would never sell it, but I just don’t use it like it should be.

The Right Hand Drive thing is not a big deal. Takes about 20 minutes to get used to it, and after a couple days you hardly notice. The only thing I do is sometimes mistakenly hit the wipers instead of the turn signals and VS. VS. on occasion.

Factory Features:

-1987 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ75 Troop Carrier. Right Had Drive. Original Pop-top conversion by Trakka in Australia, called the “Bushman”. Legally imported from Australia by previous owner, and holds a clean and clear Washington State Title.

-Air Conditioning, Manual windows and door locks, Dual Fuel Tanks

-Odometer is not accurate as the instrument cluster was replaced for the gauges to work with new powerplant. I’ve put about 10k on it since all of the upgrades. Over 400k original KMs but nearly everything has been redone.


-1HD-FT 4.2L I-6 Direct Injected Turbo Diesel Complete engine (used from Joeri a very reputable importer at roughly 100k), swapped and installed by Torfab with Aftermarket G-turbo & PDI Intercooler, all new belts hose, intercooler install, turbo install, seals, fluids, Etc, Aluminum Radiator, AC serviced, Flushed Aux fuel tank, new Switching solenoid and lift pump, fuel filters, custom air intake for switchable on-road or snorkel mode, Dual Full-Throttle AGM Batteries


-New OEM Toyota H55 Transmission w/ appropriate input shaft, Rebuilt Transfer Case ($7k)

-New Front and Rear Driveshafts with OEM U-Joints ($1100)

Rear Axle:

-Full floater with upgraded 32 spline chromoly Pro Series Nitro Axle shafts & Drive Flanges, 08+ type 4.10 Ring & Pinion with larger teeth and 32 spline, ARB Air Locker, Gusseted housing, all new OEM bearings and seals, new brakes, 1.5” billet wheel spacers for 3” track width increase($6k)

Front Axle:

-Nitro Pro built 3rd Member with 4.10 Ring & Pinion, ARB Air Locker, Nitro Chromoly 30/30 HD Birfield and Axle kit, Aisin Hubs with Nitro 300m Inner and outer Hub gears, ARP hub studs and Steering Studs, Gusseted housing, all new OEM bearings and seals, Rebuilt Knuckles, Front Range Drotor kit for Slip on larger rotors and 3” track width increase, new brakes($7k)

-New Wiper motor & linkage,

-Expedition one / cruiser outfitters rear dual swingout with custom bike rack, holds two bikes on one side and spare tire on other. Unique design allows one-handed operation to open/close rear doors, as the swingouts move with the doors – AMAZING! ($4k)

-ARB Front bumper, ARB intensity lights, Warn Winch w/ Synthetic rope and Factor 55 thimble ($4k)

-Old man emu suspension with full leaf springs, BP51 internal bypass shocks w/ adjustable compression/rebound, Heavy Duty Swaybar, OME steering damper all new bushings, links, hardware etc. ($5k)

-custom rear frame mounted skid plate, AGM Battery for Camper, Isolating system, Roof mounted low profile solar panels with Bluetooth monitoring, arb twin compressor, plumbed to air tank with air couplers, ($5K)

-Custom DC Fab Rock sliders ($2K)

-35x11.50R17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on TRD Pro OEM Wheels ($3k)


-Extensive Body work / restoration, pop top removed and body stripped for full rust repair, roof structure and gutter reconstruction, quarter panel replacement, fill, sand, primer, repaint of body, fender flares, etc

-New Door Seals, Door strikers, latches, catches, Lock cylinders, window seals, windshield

-High end ceramic coat window tint

-Upgraded late model larger side mirrors

-Later model Grill, signal lamps, LED Headlamps


-Restoration of original Trakka Bushman concept. Remounting of Trakka Pop-top with previously mentioned new canvas as well as full camper buildout as mentioned below

-Goose Gear full custom S-Series cabinetry and counter tops made with high end materials, aluminum frame, top quality drawer slides, latches, etc. Hidden storage underneath the 2 person rear side-seat, which can be folded up. Goose Gear floor plate with Aircraft aluminum tie-down Tracks

-Goose Gear custom sleep platform, on gas struts to easily lift up for standing camper use. Leave the bed made, fold out of the way to cook, sip wine, etc. The 70-30 split design works great for going up or down, while your partner can still stay in bed. Platform made of lightweight but strong Baltic birch with HD textured finish.

-Modular secondary sleeping platform attaches to underside of upper sleeping platform and can be removed and installed below for additional 1-2 person sleeping space, or if you want to sleep below in bad weather or sketchy areas without deploying the poptop.

All custom cushions upholstered in Sunbrella all-weather fabric.

-Stainless Sink with folding glass lid, 12v water pump, freshwater stored in in scepter can for easy exchange and refill.

-Espar diesel heater system with digital thermostat – Very warm!

-Expedition essentials fold out camp stove mount for rear door

-Dometic 12v Stainless upright Refrigerator / Freezer

-Portable Toilet can be stowed in cabinet.

-Camp Chef Camp Stove included


-New canvas for pop-top with opening windows, rear door, allows for fully enclosed, screened, or open. Re-upholstered headliner with perforated vinyl Also included Strawfoot full Screen set for rear doors etc ($5k)


-Scheelman seats w/ electric seat heaters, armrests, premium upholstry and custom mounts with sliding tracks ($5k)

-Pioneer Bluetooth stereo, JBL component speakers, ($1k)

-Vinyl flooring ($600)

-Custom Powder-coated Aluminum interior Body panels for sides and rear doors ($2k)

*edit* off market, too much traveling, lising with broker
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Bumping, did this awesome rig sell?
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@DriveUncommon has it listed on eBay.

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