SOLVED Help Identifying a Washer for 1HD-FT Injectors (1 Viewer)

Aug 5, 2016
Vancouver, Canada

I am in the process of removing injectors and fuel pump from my 1997 1HD-FT to have them rebuilt. In the process, I found a cooper washer and can't find its proper place or find a diagram that refers to it.
Please bear with me.

Here is the washer beside an injector:

I checked on radd-cruiser's site, and it appears to be crush washer 90201-08106, 12 of which are included in his injector washer/seal kit. He calls it "washer for leak pipe".
Injector Washer/Seal Kit - Toyota Land Cruiser 1HDT from 09/1992 (for 6 injectors) -

The washer looks right in terms of what I found, but I can't find it in the diagrams in the FSM or on Partsouq for my engine.

Here is the FSM:

Here is the parts diagram from Partsouq:

The only place I found a reference to this washer and my engine is on megazip, which shows it (23627B) to be under the bolt attaching the return line injectors:

ToyoDYI also says gives the same reference (23627B and p/n), but for some reason does not display the actual diagram.

That's all fine, but as you can see above, on my engine, instead of having 2 of these washers above and below the return line, I have a C-shaped gasket that "hugs" the return line on both sides (see 23600C in the Partsouq diagram). I would say fine, later engines use different washers, except for the fact that I did find this washer when removing the injectors (so far just one), I can find where it should go.



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