1. Peter2610

    Wanted Toyota 1HD-FT Air Intake Pipe no EGR

    I`m looking for a Air intake Pipe without EGR for my LC 78 rebuild with a 1HD-FT 24V Engine The partnumber from Toyota: Pipe, Intake 17113-17040 This Part was normali installed in a HDJ80 without EGR. I Need shippment to Switzerland Thanks for Help
  2. 96TrailSurfer

    EGR VSVs and Sensors Connected to Emission ECU

    Below is a wiring diagram for HDJ80, which I assume is the same as my 97 HDJ81. What I am looking for is the locations of the VSV (EGR) [3] and the Pick-up Sensor [4], as well as some info on what the pick-up sensor does. I know that VSV (EGR Cut) [1] and VSV (EGR Control) [2] are the VSVs...
  3. Vitek

    Repro 1H D-T/D-FT/Z/Z-T engine decals interest

    Hi As I faced recently how hard is either to get or have them decently priced, I contacted a friend who runs an industrial print company. They can print the different engine decals on high quality heat resistant matterials and price can be quite okay if a I make a larged order. I provide them...
  4. DriveUncommon

    For Sale 1995 Turbo Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 powered by 1HD-FT

    This 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 is a Japanese-market example that was imported into the US in 2022. The truck is finished in desert tan with black trim over a brown and tan cloth interior. The truck is powered by a 1HD-FT 4.2L 24-valve Turbo Diesel inline-six paired with a 4-speed automatic...
  5. Oregon trail

    1HD-FT rough idle after injection pump swap

    So I had a leaky injector pump and went the route of having one shipped over by gturbo and a red wheel turbo while I’m at it. I pulled my old pump and reinstalled the new one along with timing it while I was at it. The first start up it ran rough! I figured I got one tooth off on the belt and...
  6. sark

    "Pearl" the HDJ81

    Hello! All of my time so far has been over in the 70-series section, with my JDM HZJ73. This week, we picked up our HDJ81V from Japan, and drove it back to New England. I intend on using this thread as a way to document both the build/maintenance, as well as sharing our adventures. Please...
  7. 96TrailSurfer

    Alternatives to the OEM Cylinder Block Insulator?

    The cylinder block insulator that sits behind the fuel pump on my 1HD-FT (12581-17010) has disintegrated. Amayama wants $100 for it with shipping. I know its not a huge amount, but still annoying for what appears to be a piece of thick foam. Are there any alternatives?
  8. 96TrailSurfer

    SOLVED Help Identifying a Washer for 1HD-FT Injectors

    Hi, I am in the process of removing injectors and fuel pump from my 1997 1HD-FT to have them rebuilt. In the process, I found a cooper washer and can't find its proper place or find a diagram that refers to it. Please bear with me. Here is the washer beside an injector: I checked on...
  9. kenavt

    Yoshi the HDJ81

    Welcome to the tales of Yoshi the HDJ81 Land Cruiser! More about the truck below. For how I ended up with this HDJ81, skip down a few paragraphs. == about the truck aka the good stuff == And so here I am, with Yoshi. A VX-Limited 03/1997 with 226k km (140k miles), some broken items (AC...
  10. Letsgomoreplaces

    For Sale 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy HDJ75 Trakka Bushman, pop-top, Nitro Gear Build. Wenatchee WA

    1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy HDJ75 Trakka Bushman, pop-top, Nitro Gear Build. 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy Pop-Top HJ75 / HDJ75 Troop Carrier Trakka Bushman How it started: I acquired this vehicle in 2017 from the previous owner who had previously featured it on Expedition Portal. It...
  11. MichaelKnightNZ

    1HD-FT & FTE Camshaft question

    Hey guys! I have loved reading posts on this forum for years and it has answered so many of my questions! but this time I cannot find any info on this one. The short version of my question is: Would I be correct in assuming that the camshaft in the last images (with the recesses/notches in the...
  12. C

    1HD-T 5 Speed or 1HD-FT Auto

    If you had only those two options, which would you pick, and why? I'm currently living in Japan as a service member, and am about to buy a 1HD-FT Auto cruiser, due to how rare the manuals are. There are a couple 1HD-T 5-Speed's every now and then, and they're expensive. I want a manual, but...
  13. 96TrailSurfer

    Is BEB an issue for 1HD-FT

    I am getting conflicting information as to whether BEBs are an issue on 1HD-FT, and thus whether I should be considering replacing them on my 97 1HD-FT with 300,000 km on the clock. I just got the vehicle and do not know the history of the engine. However, it doesn't seem to make any unusual...
  14. 96TrailSurfer

    1HD-FT Rough Shutdown

    My new to me 1HD-FT shuts down somewhat rough, with the whole vehicle shuddering. I know that this is not uncommon on diesels, and my '96 1KZ-TE used to do same when I reset the ECU, but would go away after about 300-500 km as the engine ECU auto-tuned itself. Is there anything I can do on...
  15. CaptClose

    1HD-FT: Adding AC (Warning - Engine Porn)

    A little back story: I’m doing a diesel swap into a 97 collectors 80 Series. I’ve been refreshing the motor and rebuilding everything that can be rebuilt. I believe the motor is a UK spec. It has an AC bracket, but no compressor, no tensioner pulley, and only a two groove harmonic balancer...
  16. I

    FSM Toyota 1HD-FT Engine Repair Manual - Publication Number RM437E (pdf) Publication Number RM437E (pdf)

    Toyota 1HD-FT Engine Repair Manual - Publication Number RM437E (pdf) Jan 1995 factory diesel repair manual
  17. V

    1HD-FT hose identification

    Hi Folks, I'm stumped trying to figure out what this coolant hose and... thing? is in my new-to-me 1HD-FT powered 80 series. The hose is the one coming out the left side middle of the head (from the viewer's perspective, the driver side on this RHD truck), going to the aluminum thing, then over...
  18. V

    80 Series with HD-FT engine

    Hello, I just purchased 2 x 1995 Land Cruisers from Japan's Auto Auction (1HD-FT manufactured post 1995 July - 1998 I believe). Looking for parts /sources for parts: Things needed: - Timing Belt Kits x 2 - Alternator - Driver's seat - More to come in the near future as I dig more... Any/all...
  19. S

    1HD-FT runs like a NA engine

    Am running a 1996 80 series with 1HD-FT on Auto Gbox. I have removed my EGT and after a few months the car has been gutless and runs like there is no Turbo. Patched the boost hose to check for turbo boost and it is approx 0.9 bar. I suspect might have messed up the hose configurations...
  20. TurboDennis

    Builds "The Cucumber" build. Ultimate 80-series. 1HD-FT, H152F, PTO and just about every other cool option

    A lot of you have been asking me to post some details on my build, so here i go. I also wanted to start this thread to keep track of all the things im doing to the truck and help motivate me to see the project through. And i will try to provide write ups of the unique mods for future reference...
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