1. BrokenToyota

    For Sale  1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

    196,xxx miles on odometer. All it needs to be a perfect cruiser is a power steering pump, carpet kit, rear bumper, and new AC compressor (have spare compressor for core) this vehicle has been great, has all new brakes with less than 2,500 miles on them, new air pump, water pump, fan clutch...
  2. J

    For Sale  1985 Toyota Xtra Cab for Sale, Utah

    Great shape 1985 fuel injected solid front axle Toyota X-tra cab pick up. -Brand new Wheels and tires -New front and rear bumpers with winch -Engine rebuilt approximately 15,000 miles ago -New LC Engineering Header and Exhaust intake -2-3" Lift -Factory Two tone paint Body is in great shape no...
  3. firefight

    For Sale  CA -1985 60 series 4 speed manual trans

    Selling a 85 landcruiser 60 series 4 speed trans. Came out of my dads car. We did a v8 conversion with manual trans when the Toyota engine started to go. No problems with the trans that I know about. The trans has been sitting in the garage corner for a few years now. Local pickup...
  4. Elkwagn

    For Sale  1985 FJ 60 w/overdrive $4850

    SOLD 1985 FJ 60, 195k miles, 4spd with fairy overdrive unit, runs great, drives nice, relatively clean for age, brand new tires, transmission and overdrive just completely gone through by tranny shop, clutch new three years ago (not driven a lot since), very very little rust (small spots...
  5. BrokenToyota

    craigslist  1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

    1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60
  6. ksrunner

    For Sale  Another BaT 1985 FJ60 in Kansas - (not mine)

    1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Is this guy a Mud member? Tornado Alley Cruisers? Nice truck though.
  7. W

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4runner, EFI, Straight Axel, Automatic - RARE

    1985 Toyota 4runner 22re EFI STRAIGHT AXLE AUTOMATIC Low miles ARIZONA truck Yes, this is the unicorn of 4runners AC WORKS, NO LEAKS I have driven my 4runner to Texas a few times. I have a Landcruiser now. I don't need 2 SUV's. Someone who understands why this 4runner is unicorn will bid on it...
  8. Alaska ADV

    craigslist  LS Swapped 1985 FJ60, NorCal

    No Affiliation, Humbolt CA "2005 ls 5.3 Sm465 granny low 4 speed 205 transfer case Dana 44 front axle 14 bolt rear axle Runs n drive good I just need cash for my daily driver I'm not selling it for 3999 so don't ask 4000 is the deal come steal it from me call or text 7074974931" Ls 5.3...
  9. Shes Mad

    For Sale  SOLD 1985 2F 4Spd and split case transfer case (MN)

    This truck is in a part out thread but I thought I would post here also since not everybody goes there. This is a 1985 2F and 4 SPD transmission and split transfer case out of a 1985 FJ60. 115k on the odometer. It runs and drives right now.. I'm selling it complete from the fan back just as...
  10. LeonRekrap

    For Sale  1985 FJ60 in Texas

    This is an October of 85 truck originally out of Arizona. Old man emu lift. Front and rear end replacements. Front is an ARB style bumper and rear is a dual swing arm. Asking $7500 and pretty firm on that. No cancerous rust or rust at all. Small dent on the front fender. Could use a paint job...
  11. sigorama

    For Sale  1985 FJ60, Low Miles, Original, Clean Interior, $7,750

    SOLD! This 1985 FJ60 was owned by the same family for the last 20 years. It sports vintage 1980s pin stripes that reminds me of the movie Tron. It was used as an extra vehicle on the previous owner’s mountain property in Colorado and thus why it has such low miles. While it does have some rust...
  12. Shes Mad

    Parting Out  1985 FJ60 115K (MN)

    I've decided to part this truck out. It only has 115,000 on it, but it is quite rusty in the doors, quarters, roof. Surprisingly not rusty are the tailgate, hatch, and the whole front end. Runs pretty good for having old fuel in it. Engine does leak, PS leaks---it just leaks!!! I drive it...
  13. hj 60

    1985 HJ60 condensor (capacitator) question.

    EDIT: dont read on, ignore this, the condensor is just a noise filter, not important.:flush: Just to find out what this little thing does some options and questions, spend a day trying to find answers as I have a new alternator but it does not have a new condensor and I dont trust the old one...
  14. C

    For Sale  1985 FJ60 $3750 SW Colorado

    This is mine. CL add here Probably a good candidate for your goals on a build. Have owned this a long time and am sad to sell it but another FJ60 presented itself to me and I am transitioning. Troll Hole works great, interior is mostly complete, body damage is really the only drawback other...
  15. sevewone

    Dealer  Clean 1985 BJ70 Colorado LHD

    Not mine.. Spotted it while browsing. Looks not bad. 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser - Dream4x4
  16. cdv3286

    1985 BJ40 - Help finding information???

    Hey need some help. Trying to find some information on this Cruiser. I am told that it is a 1985 BJ40. Could not find anything that lists the Color codes, engine codes etc for this year to verify that it is what it says it is. So what do you guys think... 1) I thought 40's stopped in 1984...
  17. suxel 450

    eBay  1985 FJ60 CARB certified V8 conversion. So nice. Resto-mod. Not mine wish it was.

    One of the very best 60's I've seen in a long time. A resto-mod done right.
  18. T

    1985 FJ60 Progess

    Ok after finally getting her running with a JimC rebuild:beer:, complete replacement of all vacuum hoses (BoostController), coolant/radiator/heater hoses sourced with Oem or Gates, replaced all belts, flushes cooling system and replaced thermostat and gaskets, thankfully no.issues with the...
  19. ttFJC

    1985 Toyota Land Cruiser 4dr Wagon Cab - $200 (Four Corners, Dark Horse Customs)

    Seems like a sweet deal... Going to scrap on Friday 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser 4dr Wagon Cab
  20. Jay-

    For Sale  1985 FJ60 California. Norcal. I5

    I did lots of "Freshening up" From what I remember, A few gaskets, Plug wire and cap, timing, some belts, a few hoses. Oil, plugs, antifreeze. Newer good shape BFG all terrain and 4 runner rims (Spaces in the front) Brand new commercial battery. I failed smog and I just cant work on 3 rigs...
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