1. J

    For Sale MUST SELL: 1985 FJ60 $4,000 (DENVER, CO)

    Vehicle has been in my family since 1985. Must sell by the end of the week. Body has some rust, nothing that can't be fixed easily.
  2. Ojaicruiser

    1985 Fj60 Jumping time?

    Hey guys! New to the thread but have followed it for awhile with other trouble shooting issues in the past. My cruiser is not wanting to be timed! Mechanic is telling me the time is jumping and can't seem to correct it. I brought it in because of a back fire on deceleration and so it can pass...
  3. CruiserZen

    1985 FJ60 PS Gear Box Reseal

    After 268,000 miles our FJ60 still runs like a champ and since we became the proud owners the number of leaks has decreased down to a precious few! But recently I found the telltale signs of leaking red ATF on the floor under the drivers side. A quick look showed no issues with the hose seals...
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