1. Dougiemo

    Does a Snorkel Drop the Resale Value of an FJ?

    Hi All, I am new to the Land Cruiser world as I recently purchased a 1982 FJ40. It is in good shape and looks pretty classic. I am considering getting a snorkel for the benefit of getting the clean air rammed into the engine, and I like the looks of a snorkel. I am not sure if I will ever be...
  2. seaken

    Cap on thermostat housing ( Radiator Cap)

    Looking for Cap that goes on thermostat housing for my 1987 BJ74 13bt turbo diesel . Can one that would work be bought here in Canada . I’m in Halifax NS . Thanks
  3. L

    Surging at mid throttle

    New member, but have used Ih8mud forums extensively for trouble shooting/upgrades, thank you. I now have an issue I have not found a posting for. I have a 3B Diesel and recently installed one of Keith’s turbo kits (can’t recommend this enough, like a different engine altogether), idles perfecty...
  4. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  H55 Input Shaft and Bearing Retainer (Early Type) - Sold

    I have an H55 input shaft and corresponding bearing retainer, 3B/13BT type for the early style H55 transmission. This is used, pulled from an H55 that was converted to the F style input shaft. No weird noises on the transmission prior to disassembly. Asking $150 plus shipping from Cincinnati.
  5. Onur

    3B/13B-T Fan Clutch and Fan Upgrade

    I have been quite unhappy with the cooling performance of the tiny 3B/13B-T fan clutch and fan for quite some time. As such, I did some research. I picked up a 1HZ/1HD-T fan clutch as well as the appropriate fan assembly. This fan clutch is the black-base FC. As you can see, it...
  6. L

    13b-t intake manifold. Mod for intercooler.

    Hi All, I have a 13b-t on my BJ74 and I want to fit a water to air barrel intercooler, but the path from turbo to the intake is too short. I've noticed that the 14bt intake manifold would allow more distance to the turbo to fit the piping. Does anyone know of the 14bt intake manifold will fit...
  7. prosport

    Wanted  13BT full engine with/without H55F 5 speed

    Hello, I’m looking for a 13BT Diesel engine with or without a H55F 5 speed transmission. I’m also interested if you have a split case transfer case to go with them too. Thanks
  8. ey847Cordillera

    SOLD  Used starter for 13bt in Canada.

    used starter for 13bt. Was intended for a BJ 74. It was bench tested by RADD cruisers last year and I never installed it because I repaired mine. $350 Canadian plus shipping.
  9. bosscruiser

    For Sale  PRICE REDUCED- 1986 Bj74 Landcruiser 13B-T

    1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs charged) Factory toyota pto winch (haven't used) Removable top Newer BFG all terrain tires 2 brand new 1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs...
  10. bosscruiser

    For Sale  1986 BJ74 13B-T Land Cruiser

    1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs charged) Factory toyota pto winch (haven't used) Removable top Newer BFG all terrain tires 2 brand new interstate batteries New water pump Previous owner bolted a roof rack thru the top, really...
  11. Olm8withamullet

    13 bt swap into 85 bj70

    Hi all After cooking my clutch in my 1985 12 volt bj70 on the weekend I have decided to swap in a 24 volt 13 bt sometime in the next week to replace the tired 3b. The 13 bt is a 1989 blue block (8 bolt flywheel) I have read that it is different to the original 3b 6 bolt flywheel. Are the body...
  12. BJ74PE

    13BT seal replacement

    Hey there, Ever since I own my BJ74, it has lost a couple drops of engine oil. It wasn't that noticeable at until the last couple of years when a 2-drop pattern as if the leakage came from both rear corners of the oil pan took shape. After cleaning, I came to realize the leak might come from...
  13. B

    3b and 13bt parts compatibility and bj42 engine swap

    Hi there, Am looking at putting a 13bt into my 1984 bj42 land cruiser to replace the 3b. Have found a running 13bt (which i would re-condition anyway rings bearings etc) at a good price. But sale is minus alternator, starter and flywheel. Question is would any of these items on my 3b fit the...
  14. E

    For Sale  13BT Turbo Manifold NEW and Garrett GT2056 NIB for 3B

    Hey Guys, I was going to turbo my 3B but have decided to go a different direction. I have a brand new 13B-T Turbo Manifold. Toyota stopped making these years ago, but I have a contact who has been reproducing these for years to OE specs. Pretty sure it's the same manifold that all of the...
  15. Aaroneous

    Can someone explain what the lines running to my alternator are?

    Trying to get my head around converting this 24V red block 13B-T to 12V, and I want to understand what is there so I can hunt down the right 12V replacement. Is the alternator lubricated with engine oil? Should these oil and ?? lines be retained? If so, where do the capped lines go and what...
  16. M

    For Sale  1987 Toyota BJ74V Turbo Diesel 13BT

    87357 miles 1987 Toyota Landcruiser BJ74. 13BT 3.4 liter turbodiesel. 5 speed manual transmission. Right hand drive Japanese import. Clean Montana title. Factory cable locking front and rear differentials. Toyota OME snorkel. Body and shackle lift. 35” Goodyear Wranglers with 70% tread. FRP...
  17. mike

    For Sale  b, 3b, 11b,13b, 13bt OEM engine repair shop manual

    I have the Toyota factory oem engine repair shop manual in new condition for sale. It covers B,3B,11B, 13B and 13 B-T diesel engines. It includes sections on Engine mechanical, Fuel system, Cooling system, Lubrication, Starting system, Charging system, and Specifications. Its the step by step...
  18. Bleizbreizh

    New here. BJ73 curiosity

    Hi, First post. Just bought my first Landcruiser. Its a 1988 BJ73 in reasonable and tidy condition, drives well and has a sweet engine that someone has added a turbo. Looking over it I noticed a curious modification to the front spring shackles. Each inner shackle has a piece of angle bolted...
  19. savvas

    Wanted  3b or 13bt 8bolt flywheel, Nicosia CY

    Need a 3B or 13BT 8-bolt flywheel, shipped to Cyprus Thanks
  20. nilesh572

    My daily driven 13bt powered BJ40

    Hello everyone , ive been reading up a lot on these forums before i purchased my first landcruiser but was never a member of the site. After i brought her home i thought id sign up and share with you my experience of ownership, along with the adventures i hope to take her on! On to the Rig ...
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