1. woody

    13BT Overheated

    Still doing some diagnosing today, but we took the BJ74 down to Vegas on Saturday...got about 30 miles out and it overheated. Temp gauge was pegged, steam from the overflow. We were driving 70-75mph with a mild headwind on a cool-ish rainy NV day. @Mace rescued us - THANKS! System was "dry"...
  2. OnTheRiver

    For Sale  13BT for sale, BC Canada!

    I am selling a 13BT. Pulled running. Approx 250,000km on motor. More info upon request. 4000 US dollars. *Hey there, Im brand new to IH8MUD, and Im sorry for anyone who viewed this post earlier! (i failed to mention the price...)
  3. L

    Wanted  13BT Pistons needed, at least one.

    Hello Mudders, I am looking for a set of 13BT pistons, but would be happy to find a single serviceable one. I have looked in Australia but the suppliers are back ordered. If you have a set or a single please PM me! I am trying to get my BJ74 up and running.
  4. R

    For Sale  1988 Japanese BJ74 in Seattle

    Well...like everyone else says, I don't want to do this, but...happy wife, happy life. I know, they're ALL from Japan. But this one was sold in Japan and used in Japan till imported to the states in 2013 = minimal rust I'm not super versed in the LC speak the way most of you gentleman are, so...
  5. Cob

    BJ73 radiator part number

    Hi, I am looking to replace the radiator on my BJ73 with 3b motor and can't seem to get right part number or find the right radiator the one I always find has the inlet and outlet on the wrong side they both need to be on the left and no radiator cap either.

    For Sale  OEM 13BT Exhaust manifold. B.C. Canada

    I bought all this years ago ang have never gotten around to doing anything with it all. I do not have the turbo or any other parts, just what you see. 17141-58011 Manifold 17167-58012 Heat shield 17168-58041 Heat shield 16331-58030 Water outlet housing All these parts are new OEM. The sale is...
  7. Cob

    BJ73 import 13bt conversion

    Hi, I'm about to do a 13bt import conversion to my 1990 bj73 and I was wondering if any one had done this conversion on a RHD bj73 that could give me some guidance like do's and don'ts parts ill need to order really any info from experience would be great. Cheers, Cob
  8. Cob

    Wanted  BJ73 BJ74 13BT dump pipe

    Hi, I am about to do engine conversion on 1990 bj73 from 3b to import 13bt and I am chasing a dump pipe for the turbo so I can have a start for the exhaust build I'm located in Australia and willing to pay freight from anywhere in Aus. Cheers
  9. M

    Wanted  13bt motor for '88 BJ71

    I'm really in need of a head but will take the motor if necessary. I'm in Canada but near to Seattle. Have trailer, can travel.
  10. christianleeboy

    Wanted  13BT FACTORY TURBO 4 cyl Direct Injected Diesel Engine

    Searching for a reasonable priced 13BT FACTORY TURBO 4 cyl Direct Injected Diesel Engine to upgrade my 1982 BJ42, currently with a 3B.
  11. peterb

    For Sale  1989 BJ-74, Cable Lockers, Lexington, KY, USA

    Photo - April 2014 on the Kokopelli Trail during Cruise Moab. The roo bar has been replaced by a fitted ARB bumper. La Sal Mountains in the background. For sale is my 1989 (12/1988) BJ-74. I took delivery in March of 2013 and have wheeled it in KY, TN, AL, AR, MO, CO and UT. Nothing crazy...
  12. joker77535

    In search of Roll Bar???

    Hey guys I recently picked up a 1988 BJ70 FRP from Japan. I'm running into a slight search problem and need some help. I'm trying to locate the rear roll bar to install rear seat belts. Any info would be greatly appreciated whether someone knows someone that has one they are trying to sell or...
  13. Engineerscake

    Diesel Spec Table

    Howdy forumers, I'm new here... I've spent some time on looking around this forum and have prepared a table of common stock and popular swap diesel engine specs for 60 series LandCruiesers. I know that all this information is available here, but I haven't seen a comprehensive table... so I made...
  14. rebalyota


    Hey everyone!! I have a 1986 BJ74(turbo diesel) 13BT engine.. The rubber piece in my diaphragm has a hole. My first choice would be to find a new rubber piece and my second choice would be to find a way to repair it. Also, if I end up finding the rubber piece or if someone helps finding the...
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