wolverine, is this the real deal??

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Oct 16, 2005
Santa Rosa Bch. Florida
Looking for advice on this (wolverine?) Is it the real deal of a homemade job? I know that many companies built these trucks. Just want to confirmation it's a true wolverine. The transfer shifter looks to far forward and the tcase bracket looks wonky. long time member but on the cruiser side. Thanks in advance Mike.




Good gawd. Why would it matter? That truck is a wreck.
Those were never available in 4wd. What a hack job.
Many moons ago Downey Off-road offered a 2WD to 4WD conversion kit. Not saying this is the Downey product, but this sure looks like a 2WD conversion ... poorly done.
Wolverine was a company that converted late 70’s Toyota and Nissan (and possibly Chevy Luv?) 2wd trucks to 4x4's using a right hand diff, closed knuckle, dana 25 front axle and a divorced model 20 jeep t-case. The front suspension was cut out, and leaf springs were installed.

They made their own t-case cradle and mounted it in the middle of the truck with a short 2 joint driveshaft between the factory trans and t-case. T-cases were shifted with remote linkage. They also made billet aluminum front bearing hubs that used the dana wheel bearings and the factory equipped drums or rotors.

They were also one of the companies making the fiberglass conversion “pre-4Runner” trucks (Trekker being another version). When the trucks became available with 4wd from the factory and Toyota introduced the 4Runner, Wolverine went out of business.

I agree with Pappy, though. This looks more like a poorly done 2WD conversion - not a “factory” conversion.

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