Wire in a tach to a 2L

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Dec 14, 2021
Kelowna, BC, Canada
I’m converting my gas 4Runner to diesel, swapped an early model 2L in. Unfortunately the injector pump didn’t come with a tach hookup, even so, finding an 80s diesel gauge cluster is impossible online. I’m wondering if I can just get one of those auto meter tach boxes and hook it up to a magnetic pickup on the alternator? I know it comes with a hose clamp that goes around the alternator, could I not just hook that up to the stock sr5 gas tach in the 4Runner? I will not put an aftermarket tach in, it’s gotta be the dash gauge. Anybody done somthing like this before? Maybe stick two magnetic pickups 180 degrees off on the crank pulley and let it measure that? I’m running out of ideas. Unless someone will sell me a diesel tach and injector pickup for an 80s 4Runner/pickup:)

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