What dryer are you using for your air compressor?

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Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
I picked up a 60 gallon air compressor and got it all wired up and plumbed. I will admit that i did go cheap and bought a harbor freight in light air filter and dryer. I was using the sand blasting cabinet last weekend and noticed there is still moisture coming through the line even when using the dryer.

What are you guys using to get the water out of your air lines?
Ive made my own desiccant dryers in the past with good results. the best tend to be used from old 80-125 cu. ft. Argon/C02 tanks. I usually find them on craigslist for less than 20 bucks.... there are plans on the net on how to build your own DIY desiccant dryers. I use crystalized cat litter for the desiccant and it can even be recharged in an oven or microwave lol. The big refrigeration dryer units were well out of my budget constraints....
man, i used it for one day and it's already pink... so that's not a good start. At this rate i would have to change it after almost every use.

How big is your dryer? I guess that's what we get for living in a humid place.
I change mine out once every 2-6 months depenNingon use. Mine is 120 cu ft c02 tank so iit'spretty big
I don't know the size, but i'd say it's relatively small..... Yes, humidity here sucks!
Another solution is to move to Arizona

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