Warn Belleview 5687 help!!

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Feb 9, 2005
First, How can I print a legible copy of the rebuild instructions or parts list provided in the Tech Section? When it goes to my printer, I get a corner of any particular page; I can't re-size it to fit 8 1/2 x 11. Doesn't look like it would be legible anyway; has anyone printed a legible copy?

Second, regarding the motor itself, the instructions say to remove the brake cap to get to the snap ring/roll pin, etc. How does this brake cap come off? Is it just supposed to fall off? Mine wants to pull the whole shaft and internals out of the motor.
Got the same winch and copied the manual from the site....haven't tried to print though. I would suggest putting it into Photoshop, resizing it, cleaning it up & using the print preview before print. Might be tedious but should work. I am thinking that the document is larger than it appears. On a side note, how are you mounting the "Bellview" to your bumper? Are you fabbing up a custom plate then welding it to a new bumper? Keeping the existing plate? Using a bumper that has a plate that will already work? My bumper is shot & want to replace but don't want to lose winch or spend a mint.

Hope the printing works out for you!
Thanks, I'll try that MS Word Insert routine.

My bumper/winch mount came off the FJ40 I had before the 55. Now that I think of it, why did I sell the 40 so easily? Why didn't I fight the battle with the wife to keep it? I didn't get squat for it, and it was as rust-free and dialed in as it could get...I digress...

As I recall, I had to get the flat, triangular braces (from a 40) for the bumper to mate it to the frame rails, and it all bolted right up. The winch motor bends the 55 grill out of shape, but no biggie.

So has anybody taken a motor apart recently?
just take out the screws and give it a couple of taps

like so:

just happened to have one of these around :hillbilly:
5687 001.jpg
5687 002.jpg
Classic picture worth a thousand words, thanks!

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