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TPI tri-y's

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by brian, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. brian

    brian SILVER Star

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    Feb 7, 2003
    so anybody have a set of their "new" headers?
    the pic they show is of a 6>1, yet they're calling them tri-y's????
    how do they fit, mainly the fit up between the header and the intake?
    i was running downey headers, they fit great but i find they don't last very long(more then a few years). and at 300some pennies that i don't have at the moment, i find them a bit spendy too.

    tpi's are listed at 150something-ish.

    mine are broken agian and this time i can't them without bending over backwards. i need to do something soon i have a nasty leak on the headers as well as a blown in/ex gasket at a few ex ports. good thing i have a weber, it thoughtfully runs richs enough to keep from burning the ex valves :grinpimp: .

    was also thinking about jto's 6>1's, although i don't really like the way they "look". but they "insist" that you mill the intake manifold, to insure that it's flat.....wink...wink.....nod....nod.....not that it has to do with the header flange being a little on the light side.
  2. 65swb45

    65swb45 Supporting Vendor

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    Apr 14, 2004
    so cal, going 45
    TPI's pic and the price are consistent with the standard 6 into 1 header. You can bet you will not be getting a Tri-Y at that price. Not sure why they want to call it that when it is obvious that it is not. Don't want to guess either.

    I run the real Tri-Y and have for almost 15 years now. Never actually had one leak out of all the ones I've sold either. OTOH, the 6 into 1s almost always leak, either behind the flange where the runner is bent over hard, fatiguing the metal, or in the MASSIVE 6 way collector, which is usually in a spot you can't even get a welder to. :mad:

    That is why I don't sell those. ;)