Toyota FJ80 Front Bumper

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
Does any one happen to have a stock front bumper for a 94 fj80. this morning i nailed wasnt pretty
Where are you located? I have one for a '95.
I also have one in Cali from a '94 the 95-97 are different.
I have a grey one for a 91 in my Georgia.
You need a 93 or 94.

I have a 93 in New Mexico. It sounds like you have several possible choices so far. CA, NM and AZ
thanks guys, i'm located in northern virginia. i can get one from most toyota parts dealers for 150. can any of you guys beat that price. thanks
If you are pricing new, your dealer has bad info.

The 93-94 center section alone is $449.92 (52111-60370) and the end caps are $86.91 each (52102/03-60110)

That is before mouldings, brackets, grilles and fasteners.

I think it's worth upgrading to an Arb, C-head -- it'll probably save you money... :)

Any sheet-metal damage?

sorry didnt mean to say dealer. 150 is from a junkyard. the front lower piece of metal is messed up as well as the drivers side front quarter panels has a very small dent. the insurance company said for deer it is a 100 dollar deductable and they pay the rest. so insurance would pay for basically all of it. anyways looks like the 80 willl be mine soon seeing as my dad just bought my mom a 2000 100 series...sweet.
Get a few estimates. Get the check. Get the sheet metal fixed and use the rest for an ARB Winch Mount bumper.

Merry Christmas from that deer to you! Good for you, sucks for the deer.

uzj100 :D
I'm in Frederick, MD and I've got a 97 bumper in my shed. I'll beat the dealer by a long shot. Let me know if your interested.
If you live in deer country, get the ARB. I've hit five, totalled two cars, damaged my stock bumper. It'll eventually pay for itself. Looks cool. Peace of mind. Nearly hit deer with my wife's 80 last week, still lobbying for another ARB for her.
ditto, if insurance is paying for it, get an arb (or slee with some deer modifications) :slap:
I WILL have a 94 front bumper in two weeks. Will put my new ARB on sometime before Chrismas..
Located near Charlotte, NC
Get three dealerships to price quote it and get an ARB dealer, or Slee, to quote it. You'll probably end up in the same ball park esp if you just have the latter quote you on parts. Insurance company shouldn't care if it's stock or aftermarket. Could be wrong though, but worth a shot. How good are you in with your agent?

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