Thread size on Oil pressure sending unit?

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Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
Does anyone know what is the thread size on the oil pressure sending unit? This is the round looking thing on the passenger side of the block, under the Oil cooler. I think it's 1/8" BSP but definitely NOT 1/8" NPT. I base this assumption on this: I can screw the sending unit inside a 1/8" NPT hole. But, I can't screw in a 1/8" NPT nipple inside the hole in the block. There is a taper inside the block that prevents a NPT nipple from engaging more than a thread or two.

I'm basically planning on adding a Brass T so that another mechanical gauge can share the same pickup point on the block for measuring oil press.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I'm doing nothing fancy, just adding a parallel mechanical oil press gauge that'll remain under the hood. Someday I may bring it in inside the cab but for now, I'm just adding this and a water temp gauge in the engine bay.

This is one of those classic "while I'm in there" move while the PM HG project is going on and I got bored!

McMaster has what I need:

BSPT-to-NPT Std-Wall Brass Thrd Pipe Nipple 1/8" Pipe Sz, 3/4" Length, Fully Threaded, Sch 40 p/n 5832T111 $2.64

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