thread pitch for O2 sensor nuts

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Nov 20, 2002
Des Moines, IA
FZJ80 1996 need to replace the nuts on the front O2 sensor. They are 12mm heads but in my box of spare nuts the common 12mm thread pitch is too course. Can someone please tell me the thread pitch?

That is a guess.. With metric it will be the diameter of the threaded stock. A nut that fits a 12mm wrench would likely be a 8mm thread diameter. Could be 8mm X 1 mm or 8mm X 1.25mm.. Think 8mm x 1.5mm is "course".

Get a full metric chaser tap and die set and a metric thread cutting set. Well worth the investment. Spining a chaser die or tap together with the hardware by hand will give you a positive ID.. It also makes cleaning up hardware or tapped major assemblies easy.
Thank you!

I searched but didn't find this thread. Thank you!!!
Cool. Someone used what I posted up. :)

I've since replaced the exhaust to 3" mild stainless with custom aluminized Y pipe and new O2 bungs... Now my O2 sensors are showing as fried so I'm swapping them out with a set I bought way back when from Cruiserdan. Always something.

I would post up pics of the exhaust, but its not 'pretty' under my salted road driven truck. Mild stainless looks like junk pretty quick.

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