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Jul 12, 2008
I searched and couldnt find what i was looking for.

Im looking for pictures of the Ironpig and the BTB skid plates installed.

According to BTB youneed to "space" their skidplate from the frame for a 4 speed truck? Anyone have an idea if it comes with the spacers or would i be on my own? How much does it need to be spaced down?
bump. Found this thread (and not much else!) when searching for info on the BTB skid plate.

Iron Pig skid is out of stock for an indeterminant time period per my call with them this morning....
I quit manufacturing my 1/4" thick skid plates due to insufficient sales, it took way too long to sell a batch, tied up too much money for too long. If some guys were interested in a group buy, I'd build more.
How many makes a group buy?
Normally 10 pieces, possibly as few as 6, they just like to use a full sheet.
@Downey will your skid plate fit a 40 series with an H55F?

That is really a loaded question. First thing would be what kind of rear motor mount? 8/80+ a crossmember under the transmission was used on the four speed. That changed the four speed skid plate quite a bid. Crossmember acted as the front part of the skid plate. On the five speed the skid plate goes further back. If a V8 is used that would change everything as well as if the stock crossmember or something aftermarket. Dave @lcwizard I believe makes a heavy duty skid plate. Maybe he has some input to your question.
Good point sir! I'm runnig a 12HT using an 87' 60 series transmission mount in a 78' 45.
Living in past made an excellent point, i.e. what's your home made rear motor mount ??? It is 1,000% normal to have to space a skid plate downward 1/2" to 1" when doing a Chevota V8 swap, or sometimes when changing trannys. Some guys use a stack of washers, some take the time to use steel spacer brackets/plates.

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