swapping pinion???

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Sep 30, 2004

still trying to rebuild the axels out of my 78'40.....

anyway, while dismantling and cleaning all the parts, I notice the the spline on the rear pinion have some whear marks on them.......and the front one, since there not use all the time*looks like news,......

so here is the question: Is it a good idea to swap the front and rear pinion? As it been done.

for the record, both diff are received new bearings....every one of them! So all preload and backlash will need to be reset anyway..

so what you gurus think about that!


Just swap the thirds. Don't swap the pinions.. Those are kinda matched to the ring gear.
Mace said:
Just swap the thirds. Don't swap the pinions.. Those ARE matched to the ring gear.


I know people that have put a different pinion into a housing to get out of the woods when one has broke on the trail...but it is not something that you would do to a gear set that you wanted to last for any length of time.

Good luck!

are the front and rear third housing the same? or i need only to swap the center chunk of each third memeber and keeping the thrid housing in correct order?

thanks a lot
thanks a lot trollhole.....you even got in front of me whit the c-clip...it was my next questions.....I only only thought( spelling) this morning!
PabloCruise said:
The fronts have very few miles on them vs. the rear...

provided the vehicle has or had lock outs and not drive flanges.... ;)

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