Still blowing fuses

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Feb 16, 2011
San Diego, CA
I have been on this problem off and on for a few months. Long story short, I keep blowing the "tail" 15A fuse on my 12/73 FJ40. I've done tons of troubleshooting and repairs of hacked up wire, but I can't seem to get this one figured out. I can't figure out why this thing keeps shorting

If I plug my harness into the alternator I blow the fuse as soon as I put on the headlights.

If I leave it unplugged, I lose headlights (normal) but I don't blow any fuses.

I thought for sure my Alt fried internally, but I just put a brand new one on there and same results. I have done the following:

New fuse panel and fuses
All new taillight, turn signal and sidemarker housings and bulbs.
New rear sub harness from coolerman.
New Batt positive and negative cables
New grounds to frame

any ideas
Hope that solves the problem.

My first thought was the wires that go to the reverse lights grounding to the ebrake drum... ask me how I know ;)
Man, that Must have been a tough one to find, I think mine was the hot to the inspection light socket plugged into a ground. That red/black goes all the way back to the headlight switch so it sort of makes sense

I installed an auto resetting breaker and would have to pull over when it shut off intermittently, when I found it the light came on.
I have the harness out on the floor at the moment. I'm going to ask Coolerman if he can test it out for me and see if I really got the issue fixed. I really want this thing fixed
All you need now is a wiring diagram. 👍

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