Split Rims, hubcap, Tire size questions

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Mar 27, 2017
Long island NY
My fj40 came with some odd looking rims and also with factory split rims. I would like get hubcaps for split rims and proper size tires. I would like keep as original as possible. I just got the car and making plans for full restoration or maybe keeping the patina as I can. But that will be another discussion.
1. How do I attach hubcaps to rims? Do I have to purchase oem clips or bolt on is better?
2. I do not know the split rim size will oem hubcaps fit?
3. For authentic look what size tire ? I do not use for offroading
4. What is the color code for rims?
Thank You all



What year? Turn signals appear to be ‘75+
Someone more intelligent may chime in but I think the ‘82 had the 15x5.5” single piece rim that’s still available from Toyota. I bought a set online for $550 shipped. Check the FAQ section for paint codes. I went the epoxy route and rattle canned Machinery Grey since they come primed from Toyota. Didn’t want to pay to have them blasted and powder coated.

I wouldn’t use the split rim. Probably don’t want anything over 10.5” wide on that rim.
Not sure what would be original for your year, however I will add this: The OEM 15" wheels are still available new, and depending on the look you are going for you can get 10.5 wide tires on them. IMO, 9.5" wide tires look better but are no longer available. If you want a skinny look you could go with 16" wheels from @Racer65 . They are not factory but are a very good reproduction and the OEM hubcaps fit. More tire choices in the 16" wheel. No need to mess with the split rims.

See my build thread at the end of page 5 for some comparison photos of wheels and tires. Hope this helps. I love my 16" wheels, they are the perfect look for me. HTH

This followed me home
The other wheel in your pick is a Toyota pickup/4Runner wheel. Early models, they did come on some bj extended 40's as well.
Boy no love for the split rims huh

I have been running split rims for 20 years ... some euro and jp splits came in white... but... most of the world came with the usual gray

For USA rims:
E-60 body color
61-67 black rims
68-72/73 gray rims
72/73 - 7/80 gray outside only
8/80-84 white wagon wheels

A good alround tire size that gives a stock look is 7.50r16

8.25r16 is 34’x10’

255/85r16 is 33’x10.2’

235/85r16 is a size comparable to the 7.50

You can run 10.5 just as you can run it on stocker 15” rims

Hubcaps can fit if you put in the clips... there was a mudder repro them awhile back ... rivit is the way they came... but I have seen several bolt them on either way works
Tufan, I am pretty sure only one size FJ40 hub cap exists. If you want tall skinny 16” tires, 235 85 is a good option. A few mudders have posted pictures with that tire size.

The easiest solution would be to to buy the 16’s with clips from CityRacer. Not an inexpensive route though.


The next best option would be to find some OEM 15” rims with clips. You could post up a want ad in classifieds. I’ve also seen them on craigslist. Make sure you get the newer “disc brake” version, which have the center’s welded to the barrel. The older 15” OEM “drum brake” rims have rivets holding the center to the barrel. Note: If you buy 15” rims, you’ll have fewer tire sizes to choose from.

You can add clips to your split rims. Koxfarm has a thread about that and I believe he is now reproducing clips and selling them to CityRacer. I found some cheap VW hubcap clips, they are sorta crappy quality though.
I’ve seen several sets of OEM rims on CL recently for almost nothing. Sand blast and powder or paint and done. Or order them new. Really up to you. Here’s my junk with 33x10.50-15 on OEM wheels.

Does anyone have a part number for the 15” rims that are still available from Toyota? I have a 78’ with stock front disk and stock rear drums. Are the PN’s different for the front and and rear rims?
Does anyone have a part number for the 15” rims that are still available from Toyota? I have a 78’ with stock front disk and stock rear drums. Are the PN’s different for the front and and rear rims?
42601-60072. Same PN f&r.

Have you read the Steel Wheel Tech thread? Quite a bit of information there about hubcap/wheel combinations.


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