Spline drive lug nuts

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Nov 5, 2007
Has anyone tried the McGard or Gorilla spline drive lugs?

McGard 65357BK - McGard Spline Drive Lug Nuts - summitracing.com

Gorilla Automotive 21133BC - Gorilla Small Diameter Tuner Lug Nuts - summitracing.com

I like the anodized black, and it seems that the spline may add just a little more security than regular lugs without having to worry about locking lug keys breaking off on the lugs.
Sure they look cool but what happens if you're on the trail cut a tire and can't find the special socket?
I've used them, they do what they're supposed to do.

IBCRUSN- the same thing that happens if you can't find your lug wrench.

Ok, ordered a set of 30 from "lugshack.com". Was cool, I emailed them to find out if they would sell a set in a different number than they usually do, and he updated his catalog just for me!

Black McGard Lug Nuts; 12mm x 1.5
These lugs function like lugs. No issues there. The security isn't as high as a real lock set, but it is better than stock hex lugs. I think the cool factor is pretty high. But I always pack 2 of the special sockets with me. One goes in the tool kit, and one goes in the glove box. Because the chance of someone else having one is unlikely.
I have had the Gorilla spline drive locks from Man-a-fre for a couple years with no issues. Like 'em better than the stock Toyota key style locks that came with. More secure, faster, no slippage when torquing. Try 'em, you'll like 'em. One small nit pick...the washers slip off the nuts when off.

The PO put some on my truck, they work fine. I keep the socket in my travel tool kit, which never leaves the truck. If they want the wheels they have to take the whole truck....lol Which I'm sure happens.....:crybaby:

I have the Gorilla's, but no washers on mine......?
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