Speedhut Gauges & Brackets - MUD Discount


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Nov 1, 2004
Memphis, TN
I wanted to extend a special offer on Speedhut gauges to the ‘MUD community, UP TO 15% OFF!!!

12% off your entire order (gauges, additional senders, harnesses, adapters, etc) if paying with a credit card. If you want to stick it to the credit card company and pay with Venmo, PayPal Friends & Family, or by bank transfer, you can take advantage of the full 15% discount.

On a typical gauge order, this saves more than $100 :bounce::bounce2:

Speedhut gauges are highly customizable, so each order is treated as a custom order. The easiest way to start an order is to configure your gauges on Speedhut’s site Gauges, Custom Gauges, Tachometers, Speedometers, Shift Light, Pod and send me screenshots showing the fonts, colors, lighting, etc and PM or email that to me at cam@mosleymotors.com .

We just did a group buy in the 60/62 section, so I’d be happy to make recommendations on gauge configurations based on your application (stock, LS swap, diesel swap).

We’ve been making further modifications, such as adding/deleting hand brake and turn indicators to keep all of the stock gauge functions. We can even swap gauge functions in the quad gauge and add to the speedo so that you can keep track of all of your vitals (for example, add trans temp to the quad gauge and move the fuel level to the speedo).


@TRAIL TAILOR developed, and will be selling directly, 60/62 universal mounting brackets to make this as easy as possible. These are for the 4.5” Quad Gauge/Speedo and 2-1/16” Center Gauge.


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