Setting 2F Timing

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After a points change or anytime I remove the dissy, I always static time it by hooking up a 12 volt test light to the - side of the coil, turn ign. switch on, BB lined up with pointer, rotate dissy until light just turns on. After engine starts and is warmed up I time it to spec. with timing light. Mine is a '75 and if I recall correctly is 7.5degrees at 690 rpm. Mine is a federal model, dont know if that changes the formula.:cheers:
The timing advance introduced by your distributor is a result of both vacuum and mechanical. If there is wear in the centrifugal (mechanical) advance (springs, weights, pivots) you can see timing advance even at these low RPMs. If this wear causes advance at low RPMs then you can not expect to set your timing accurately and any of this advance is then removed from the total advance. Just a thought.

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