Seatbelt wont retract- 83 FJ60

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John Staton

Oct 23, 2017
The Woodlands, TX
I bet someone has had the same problem. Driver's belt will not retract. I can reach up and pull on it and get it to retract with help, but will not do it on its own. I am not familiar with the mechanism and am wondering if I can do something to get it to retract again on its own. Did a search and most of what comes up on seat belts has to do with 3pt belts.

You can order new seat belts and there are a bunch of threads on getting them from You have 3 point belts in your I'm not sure what you mean there. You could should make sure the belt isn't twisted or dragging somewhere. You might also try pulling the refactor mechanism out and making sure it's clean and doesn't have a twisted belt wound into it. If none of that helps then consider just getting new belt(s)
Super easy to carefully remove the b pillar cover and take a look at the mechanism. I had this issue with my passenger seat and the wife was nagging me. After I pulled the b pillar cover and unbolted the mechanism it was apparent that it was shot. I ordered a used seatbelt from SOR so I could use the stock anchor clip by the center console.

Take your time, the panels will crack due to age if you try to bend them too much. 3 point threads I was referring to adding them to the rear in place of the lap belts. I will check out ones from SOR....bothers me since it something I use EVERYTIME I drive it.
I just replaced both front belts and used SeatBelt Planet. Great service, quality product and the crew are proud of their work. It really helps that they are true Cruiser geeks too. Give Mike the owner a shout, he will be glad to do business with you.

A second nod for SeatBelt Planet, I replaced all five belts this summer when my driver side retractor quit. Nice belts!
Seatbelt planet looks like a good option. It gives the color option and says "swatch detail" to view the different color options...can I assume that if I order brown that the plastic cover on the receptor and the color of the cover on the tab would be brown....OR do they just change the color of the actual belt and send everything else in black??
Im pretty sure that is all optional. I used the charcoal color on mine and the covers are black. Figured that a darker color belt would not show dirt as the grey would. I recommend getting the push type latch. I used the other and they work fine. I think the more modern stem and release would be more user friendly. That was my choice and has nothing to do with the supplier.

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