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Mar 27, 2013
Sedro Woolley, WA
Friend who has his SBC in an earlier version - it just has a simple plumbing valve (1/4 turn) inside the cab. Works well if that's all you need. I have a couple plastic heater valves and cables hanging out in the garage from other vehicles that someday I will install... but that's about 1,000 on the 'to do' list... Ha - when you have a rig that hasn't seen use in 30 years (and it wasn't well taken care of) going and stopping seem like top priorities.


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Jul 11, 2012
The People's Republik of Maryland
I didn't ask OrangeFJ45 what year Top Cover he sent me. He PM'd me and said he would send me everything I needed to solve my "shifter too far forward" problem. I've read numerous comments on MUD that Georg is a Cruiser Guru and trustworthy, so I called him said "yes, please" and kept my conversation brief so as to not to waste his valuable time. Perhaps someone will chime in and give us the FJ60 Top Cover years that are compatible.

I believe 1980-1984 FJ60 4-speed top covers will fit the 40-series 4 speed. I think the bolt pattern changes in 1985.

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