SBC clearance hiccup

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Dec 27, 2007
Virginia Beach
I was in GO-MODE over the weekend and made my entire exhaust in just under 3 hours. I went to put my front drive shaft in today and whaddayaknow, I have a new bumpstop :D

Took some measurements and there is about 1 1/8 inch before the DS smacks my crossover pipe. While I was at it I remembered the thread about the harmonic balancer taking a hit so I measured that as well and there is about 2 1/2 inches of leeway.

I measured my shocks and there is also only about 2 inches before they bottom out.

What is the best route to take here?

I know I have to modify my stock bump stops so they actually serve a purpose but do I sacrifice travel (not like I have much left) and make it so there is only 1 inch of space?

I was planning to just re route the cross pipe forward (front of car) in the little pocket area that would buy me another inch or so totaling 2 inches of clearance. Kind of a PITA to undo everything and have to grind down and repaint but is this the best route?

What do you think? Re route the exhaust + lengthen the stock bump stops and leave about 2 inches of play since thats what my shocks will allow anyway?



Apr 4, 2006
The bump stops will compress about an inch, so take that into account. It looks like the crossover pipe needs to be rerouted, for sure.

What shocks? Sounds like you have lift shocks but no lift? How much travel do they have? Ford shock towers would solve that, but it would have been a lot easier to put them in before where it looks like you are with the build.

The balancer clearance looks ok if you drop your bump stops down to about 1-2" from the axle.

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