Roxanne's Revival & Intro

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Jul 28, 2012
Hello all this is gonna be my build thread/ intro. After lurking here on mud for a while, approximately 4 years ago I traded my 01 discovery with 90k for a locked 96 fzj80 with 215k. I quickly realized I got the good end of the deal, I baselined her and got her roadworthy and drove her for 4 years and put another 20k on the odometer. Until I had to sell her due to some financial issues a month ago. Well I paid off a few bills and needed another vehicle and had some cash left over from the sale of the 80, it only seemed logical to get another cruiser I was on a tight budget so another 80 was out of the question. So I started hunting for a 60 being from Wisconsin sucks when it comes looking for cruisers there just aren't any and the ones you can find just plain all look like s*** since we are well into the rust belt. So I expanded my search by 500 miles and came across this an 83 fj60 with 260k in mentor, Ohio. Guy wanted 3k for it. Powertrain and drivetrain are solid. Also had a 4" ome Dakar lift that was less than a year old and had a fully desmogged 2f. I jumped on megabus and was on my way to owning my first 60. Once I bought the truck I started it filled it with gas and proceeded to drive it 8 hours non stop back home to Wisconsin. She didn't skip a beat and this was the first time it was driven in over 6 months! Here's a few pics of Roxanne. Ill try to get some more of the cancer and the engine later for you fools:cheers:




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I found this on craigslist a few days ago it was running and had a v8 but guy sold the motor. Body and frame are super clean it has a little rust that is easily repairable. Came with and standalone overdrive and the guy claims it has lunchbox lockers in the diffs. I was torn about swaping in the 2f from roxy or a v8. I decided to go with the 2f. So I have an adapter for sale to mate a Chevy smallblock to Toyota trans pm me if your interested. Pics of the unnamed cruiser.



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As promised some of the rot on roxy.


Hello shoe

were my rear seat used to mount

Interior is pretty clean considering the condition of the outside.

Desmogged 2f, runs so smooth.
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Looks and sounds like a steel at 1500. Very nice start.

It has been said many times and in different ways...
The best thing about a 60 series is it isn't a 40 and it isn't an 80.
You did good!
welcome to the madness, I started off with two and I am in the process of making one good one out of the two. :cheers:
Given your climate, those are nice. Just park them inside in the winter!
So I changed my mind and am going to be dumping a carbed 327 that I got for free into the red one. So ill have 2 running cuisers:pimpgrin: So that adapter is nfs anymore sorry guys. Also found a set of heads and an intake for it for 50 bucks on craigslist! That torque splitter will hopefully keep the stock driveline and tranny mounts.
Very jealous! I can't afford two addictions. Good for you!
Very nice finds! Might need to find me a donor soon. :)

-Daniel Kent
Very jealous! I can't afford two addictions. Good for you!

Neither can I lol! Just so happen to stummble across some good deals and have a good friend that donated that 327 to me.

Very nice finds! Might need to find me a donor soon. :)

-Daniel Kent

Thanks Dan! Will be watching your bj build.
So I scraped the idea of putting that 327 in since it needed to be rebuilt and needed heads, and an intake ect ect........So I picked up a 350 out of a 92 k1500 w/80k, it has a Holley intake, edelbrock carb, vortec heads and all the accesories off cl for 350 bucks! If you haven't noticed yet I love craigslist!
Wow, that's gonna be a beast!

-Daniel Kent
I hate to do this but unfortunately due to my life changing gears very quickly here the last couple weeks I'm gonna have to sell both my wagons, everthing is for sale. Pm me with any questions. Will have an ad in classifieds up soon:/
PM sent.

-Daniel Kent
Holy psychitzophrenic thread, good luck with sale.

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