Events/Trails ROTM: Saturday, February 11, 2023 - Red Creek

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so how did it go? its one of my favorites,,,, i remember being at the verde one year when it flooded and had to wait for the water to subside. and another after a HUGE flooding event, i was the first one in, no tracks ahead of me, it was challenging in a few spots that time.
Made it back to civilization.

Jacked the cruiser up, loosened the u-bolts and hammered the leaf back in place. Took all of fifteen minutes.

Got a locating pin from oriellys to put on when I get home.

Thanks for organizing the run @brices123 :cheers:
I went to four different stores & a Big-O tire looking for a centering pin and bought a few 5/16th grade 8 bolts just in case I couldn't get one.

O'Reilly's didn;t hve the 5/16th pin that came with my leaf springs but had the next size up a 7/16th. Turns out that was the correct size and Skyjacker sent me undersized pins. I'm debating taking the other front apart and putting in the correct size.

Got the leaf spring back together with new u-bolts. I just have to roll it outside to cut off the extra length and I'll be roadworthy again.

Roadside inspection of the tire rubbing I was getting making left hand turns

That doesn't look good

Sunday morning quicky trail repair

Getting all the pieces lined up

Done! (almost) just need to cut off the extra length

Top is the 7/16th pin I got from O'Reilly's, middle is what is left of the 5/16th pin, bottom is a 5/16th bolt for comparison
Sum mo pix

Made it to the Verde River

This little trench is where Red Creek enters the Verde

Airing up

Wood collecting

"Red Steve making it look like a Toyota commercial!"
the mask is classy :rofl:
Have to ask, how did the exhaust come on on the blue FJ40 Alvis was driving? Over thirty years ago I put all new OEM exhaust in my 68. Put a dent in the leading edge below the firewall and pulled it off and ran it above the skid plate. Since I need a new muffler anyway will probably go back stock again and count on spotters .
Did @Saddletramp tell you he talked to some friends of yours on the trail?
He didn't, but Michael told me that his friend Brent mentioned on their AZ4x4 forum that he was camped out and happened upon this group of Landcruisers, also asking about me - we had a good laugh at how small the world is :lol:

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