1. afgman786

    Carolina Relic Run 2021

    If I'm not mistaken we don't have a thread for this in our section yet. Here's the link to their thread. Are we showing up strong?
  2. 1world1love

    Events/Trails  Bay Area - Roll Call and Planning Thread

    Paging @mrburlingame, @adventurefam, @TLC2013, @dzl40, @cruiserintn, @psnyman, @indycole, @FerzLC, @supercarrera, @i4c4lo and probably a bunch of other folks (please @ as needed because I am old an cannot remember all the locals at this point). As has been discussed ad nauseam in many other...
  3. Dumpolina

    Magdalena redux 2/6 or 2/7

    With all the warm weather I’m thinking about returning to Magdalena to fix that rock in the road. Plan to come up the Kelly mine side. If that first climb is all ice then I’ll just go over to Gordys or meander around the lower sections. Not real game to try the water canyon switchbacks again...
  4. Dumpolina

    Unofficial Fall Crawl Farmington Sept 7-12?

    Farmington's Fall Crawl fell victim to COVID, no organized run in the Glade area this year. From what I gather, some Cliffhangers guys already put in for time off around Wednesday - Thursday 9/9 -10 and will be wheeling the area anyway I have the week off and really want to get back up there...
  5. mtn biker

    9-19-20 wild burro

    I was looking through my trail guide book for Arizona and "Wild Burro Canyon" stood out. It is rated as a medium (blue) trail. This is not going to be a "Classic Cruise" but I do want to have a run of 40's. It is in Catalina and Saddlebrook, so close to the Tucson area. It will have to be...
  6. elripster

    Events/Trails  Coyote Flats trip Labor Day Weekend (9/3-7) 2020

    Now that we are a week away.... Departure Plan: Thursday: I am leaving Escondido at 7AM. Gas at I15/76 park and ride at 7:30, rolling out by 8AM with 4 hours and 30 mins of drive time no traffic so some amount longer given we will hit some traffic. For those along the route that want to do...
  7. Dumpolina

    Events/Trails  Snow Fun 12/28 or 12/29

    I plan on heading up to the Gallina area north of Cuba on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when the current storm comes in. Forecast looks like Saturday could be good. Planning to tow the 4Runner up to Santa Fe FS road 7 off of Hwy 112 south of El Vado, then motor around that area. If conditions...
  8. afgman786

    Dec 21st Trail Ride

    Talked with @lacefro @TTViper @iBlaze about wheeling on Dec 21st. Plan is to hit up Peter's Mill for the day. Posting here to see if anyone else is interested in joining. MEET UP DEC 21 @ 9:30AM Little Fort Campground Fr1702, Fort Valley, VA 22652 DAILY PASS FROM: -exit 283 off US81 (W...
  9. flyingmonkey

    Events/Trails  Dec 28 - Corral Canyon Run

    For those that can't make the AZ Peace Trail run, boy do I have an alternative for you!!! I'm putting together a day run out to Corral Canyon OHV on Dec 28. Plan is to run Gunslinger starting on the west side heading east , break for lunch then continue to either Bronco Flats or Bronco Peak...
  10. I


  11. afgman786

    Save The Date: Fall Crawl at the Cove in Gore, VA October 25th-27th!

    Great News! That's right, after a four year absence, Fall Crawl is going back to the Cove in Gore, VA! For the uninitiated, the Cove has an extensive network of trails for all skill levels. Access the trails right from the large group camp. Event updates will be posted here: Official 2019 Fall...
  12. jamesurq

    Events/Trails  Logans Run 2019 - September 19-22nd OFFICIAL THREAD.

    Logans Run 2019 September 19-22 Uwharrie National Forrest Badin Lake Group Camp - New London, NC Group camp Information (Location/Rules/etc) Registration is now CLOSED. Walk Up registration is available. See schedule below for registration hours. Attendance is limited and campsites are...
  13. mtn biker


    I am purposing this now for Tucson people. June 29th do a run down to forest service road 62 box canyon. Appearantly there is possible camping locations and even an opportunity to see a " waterfall." It is near Madera canyon and it can be a through trip or an out and back. There seems to...
  14. elripster

    Events/Trails  Coyote Flats / Eastern Sierras August 8th - 12th

    Hi folks, it's getting to that time of the year to hit the Eastern Sierras and we are going to change it up a bit this year. I have updated multiple sections of the post including the menu . Update 8/5/2019, so most people are heading up Friday and many if not most are leaving Sunday so I am...
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