Reverse Light Options

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May 20, 2016
Bothell, WA
I am trying to decide what I want to do for a reverse light. I am not sure what a 1964 had from the factory, did it have a light above the Toyota emblem? When I look at pics on google, some have it, some don't, and I don't see one listed for 1964 on the various cruiser parts sites online. I am not stuck on it being true and correct for a 1964 hence the larger brakes lights from later models. I was also thinking some round surface mount lights mounted between the bumberettes and the trailer hitch would look good and work well - but I can't seem to find lights that fit that bill that don't require cutting loarge holes. Interested to see pics of what some of you folks have done. Thanks!

Same tractor light mounted to the rear license plate mount on the 72. It works as a left alley light when you open the barn door. It has come in handy cleaning deer after dark in the pasture...

tilden dec 2013 147.jpg
I purchased a set of Rigid Industries LED back up lights. The wiring harness that was included a three position switch, one to let the lights work with the reverse switch, one to prevent the lights from coming on and a third to turn them on at will. They are plenty bright and work very well. The photo just doesn't show just how bright they really are.

Thanks for all the ideas and pics! I found one I am going to try on Amazon, kind of pricey but I like the look and is a surface mount like I wanted. I'll post up my results when I get them in a couple of days.

Those look like a good option.

My favorite are halogen lights in a rubber housing from the local Western Star Truck shop. Run off a relay, they're as bright as the headlights.
I cut a sheet of aluminum that would mount between the bumpers and the frame. I then mounted a set of fog lights to the aluminum and wired into my backup light wiring. Not wanting to blind the innocent around town I also wired in an "arming" switch. Switch off means no backup lights, switch on plenty of light. The nice thing is that when wheeling in rough terrain the lights tuck up behind the bumpers for protection.

Backup Light Option.jpg

When I built my new tire carrier I simply welded a tab to the bottom rail which still allows the lights to be folded in behind the bumpers.

Rear Backup Lights.jpg

Backup Light Tab.jpg

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