removing the body of a pig

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Dec 7, 2005
I was wondering if anyone has taken the body off of their pigs chassis and how heavy it was? i have quite a bit of cancer on the front floorboards and the roofline, was wondering if it would be easier to remove the body and get it fixed, so i can also start from a clean frame. If anyone has removed the body, how heavy was it? would it be manageable by two strapping young bucks? ok not that young..... (btw i tried searching it, lots of 40 links but couldnt uncover 55)
I wouldnt think it was a 2 man job, unless those 2 men play d-line in the nfl or do strongman competitions.
so i guess its too heavy to lift off...........i guess ill have to work around it. thanks guys. its funny how deceptively heavy items on the pig are.
Genericfj80 pulled the body off his 80 with a cherry picker and a chain run through the floor, Might be worth a try......

I've pulled a 60 body off the frame and onto a trailer. I've also swapped bodies of a 45-wagon, both by little lonesome and with-out any fancy equipment.

Just take your time, and jack each corner/end up a little at a time, making sure it's well supported. Once you get it high enough for the rear tires to clear the back end, pull the frame assy out from under it.
i did it very easy we made a home made thing out of 6x8 and 4x4 and then one of those winch with the chain you know some tie downs and i had pics but cant find any you have to build a frame and then just lift it
I have done the jacks, kinda scarey.

The crane could cost you 50 bucks, well worth it as it only takes about 5 minutes and your done.


PabloCruise said:
How aout using an overhead crane?

Maybe w/a couple of WIDE straps through the door openings and rear window?

Lift off, place on trailer, make a rotiserie to spin it - look in the 45 owners forum for the guy doing a frame off on a 45LV - should be very similar...
i wish i had a car lift, that would be the easiest. Maybe i can borrow a forklift or two........

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