Removing an fj80 birfield

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Feb 6, 2007
Lake Tahoe,
is there any special way to remove an 80 berf different from a 40/ mini truck. Got an 80 with a bad Passenger side front. Figured I would upgrade the berfs cannot remove it from inner axle about to cut it to get it off. I have tried a 3’ piece of 1-1/4 pipe, then switched to 1-1/2 square tubing, 2” square tubing. Thanks

Cut it and be wise about the path your cutting.
I just use steel pipe and hold birf to the top of the pipe and other hand holding the pipe to the bottom of the birf and slam. Get new clip for the inner star they always seem to break.
As other have already said 'Slam It'.....!

Be sure you have something solid to hit the pipe against. Many folks attempt to 'cushion' the blow by dropping the pipe onto a piece of wood/other. It must contact something solid that will result in an abrupt stop. Not unlike a kinetic bullet puller in operation.
I put the axle in a vise bolted to a table and used a brass drift. Came off after a couple of good whacks.
Use a metal pipe as it will transfer more force, stuff the end with a rage to cushion the fall of the axle, and slam the pipe as hard as you can on the cement. Rinse and repeat until successful. If that doesn't work on the damaged birfield, then put it in a vice and hit it with a BFH as you have nothing to lose
Same idea here, put a 2" square tube in my vise, slam away. Replace inner clip
I mentioned I placed it into a few different types of pipes round and square, my garage looks like my kid got bored with a jackhammer. Axle will not move. Thanks for the input looks like I am cutting it.
Another way to remove birf from inner is take 10 or 20 lb pound weight from weight set I use my son's barbell put on inner axle side and drop that weight against the face of the birf inertia and mass in your favor popped my old ones off easily. put soft wood down to catch the birf and inner stays in your hand.And I saved the clips

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