Quick advice needed for craigs list purchase!

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Aug 28, 2010
Ive got a 1967 FJ45. A guy in the next town has a complete front axle off a 1975 FJ40, with calipers and rotors

Questions before I buy:

1. Will this be a direct bolt on for my 67 FJ45?

2. Since this purchase is soley for the fornt disc brake set up, anything else I should get, parts wise, to make the swap happen (if the guy has those parts when I show up)

3. $650 a good deal if all is there and in good condition?

Plz respond quick: Id like to get it this Sat

i'm not an expert but $650.00 sound high $ for me, you maybe...maybe will have to resurface the disc,check calipers for proper functions or buy new ones,if the axle its out the rig,check where he keep it at the back yard exposed ? ...and post pictures of the 67 fj45
Price seems to be all over the map on these, and also depends on where on the map you are. I picked up some 1977 axles front and rear supposedly rebuilt a few years ago for $300. Do not know if the calipers are good or not yet, and the rotors need to be turned. So worst case is I will be in for $400 if I need new calipers.

I believe you will need a new master cylinder. I do not think the old single circuit will work with disc brakes up front.

You will need to redo some of the brake lines, these will be 10mm and you probably have 9mm fittings.

You will need to swap the companion flange from your old axle to the new axle. The bolt pattern on the drive shaft is different. I did the rear on mine, still need to do the front swap of the flange.

You will need new u bolts, maybe new spring plates, and maybe new springs. You probably will need new shackles, mine were also very corroded on the pins that were in the rubber for 50 years.

I am in the process of putting my 1977 axles into a 1962. When I broke the ubolts off the springs fell apart. They looked good from the outside where they had been painted for over 50 years, but the center area of each leaf where no one has painted in 50 years was rusted and literally flaking apart. So I had to order new springs to make sure it was safe, good time to add 4 inch lift. Spring plates were also trashed, 50 years of pressure caused them to warp and rust beyond what I would feel safe re installed. Bottom line my simple axle swap has turned into a major project. So hope of the best, expect the worst.
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Other problem is that 75's did not come with front disc brakes. That started in 1976 if I remember correctly. So you either have a later model disc brake axle to start with or a mini conversion. Personally, I would do the mini conversion long before I swaped a 76 or newer disc axle. Lots if info in the Tech Links at the top of the page.
Doing a disc conversion on a pre 1969 axle makes no sense to me. I looked into my options when my front seal was leaking. Pre 1969 is ball and claw and also has a brass bushing not an inner seal. I came to my conclusion with help of people here that replacing pre 1969 axles is a much better option then fixing them. Just something to consider.

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