Questions for installing 60 series dizzy

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Aug 15, 2005
Lemoore, CA (south of Fresno) / Cortes Island, B.C
Well one of many and have been searching and searching. I have some questions that need answers before I sap out my points.

There are two vac lines running off of the vac. advance assembly of the 60 series dizzy. One is close to the dizzy and the other is farthest away. I wanted to confrm which one I connect to my carb.

The one closest to the dizzy can be capped off.
The one farhest runs the vac. to the carb. Correct?

Second, I don't have the dzzy in front of me (at work right now), there is an air port on the actual cap of the dizzy? Can I run this into my cab or my air filte box for added water protection?
The two vac advance ports give different amounts of advance. The near one gives ~20-22*, the outer port gives 6-7*.

For an 81-later 2F, the inner vac port is too much.
On a low-compression F engine, it might not be too much. Try it on the inner, see if it rattles on a hot day when moderately accelerating through 2000RPM.

The one thing NOT to do w/ the cap venting is to plug both vents.

Cap one vent and run the other vent out a length of hose to a generic fuel filter zip-tied up high on the firewall. That way the dissy can breathe, and it will not ingest gas fumes from the air cleaner & blow up.
Did you find out if your carburetor has a vacuum source above the throttle plate?

If you attach the vacuum advance of the distributor to manifold vacuum, it will remain advanced all the time, since it has a constant 16” or more of vacuum on the advance diaphragm.
Yeah. That saved me some time. I would like to be able to advance my timing. Wish I could use a timing controller know liek I had with another rig that ran an MSD 6.

Know any trick or tech short of replacing my carb?
Pretty sure the guy that posted up second in this thread can modify your carburetor for you..... ;)

I think that there is a guy in California that can do it as well.... ;)
I would need a QUICK turn around. FJ40jim and who is in CA? You?

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