PTO winch

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Jun 27, 2011
I have a pto winch, driveshaft with bearing support, and the drive unit that attaches to the stock toyota transfer case for the 3 speed tranny for a fj 40. $2,000 for the complete set up.
if this guy gets 2K for a used pto winch i'm selling mine next!

I'd say your good to get 500 out of it and that's in minty fresh condition!
cvillecruiser thats a hell of a way to introduce yourself. First post and he thinks his junk is gold.

How much ya wanna bet he is gonna tell us we have no idea what they go for.

Try again and maybe someone may help ya.

Guess nobody will ever be askin where he's at? Crazyville?

Hope he didn't pay anywhere near that.

I got a Ramsey 8000 set up I'd let go for about $400.00
I paid $2K for PTO complete except the correct hook and chain.

Oh wait did I say $2K I meant $200. I wouldn't even paid that much for one new in the box. You can either keep it in the box and hope to get that much later or maybe a little more. You install it on a cruiser and use and the new value is gone. But I would say a good used one that was complete including pillow block bearing, all the shift linkage, correct knob for the three speed PTO shifter, hinge plate that mounts to the floor that locks the shifter, correct wedges big and little where it bolts to the frame just in front of the bib, correct hook and chain and finally doesn't have ears broken or cracked on the housing would be worth $500 to $700 if the buyer was close enough to pick it up and not have to pay any shipping. Problem most are missing one or two little things. Some are still available new while others are not and very hard to find.

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