Prospeed 100 series roof rack for Landcruiser and LX470!

Jan 3, 2020
San Angelo, TX
Hey guys. I have a general question about how long it has taken you all to receive your racks. It's been 2 months since I put down my deposit. I am not ragging on Brian...just trying to understand if this is the usual wait time.
It took a little bit. Also was in the previous GB when COVID hit.After talking to Brian (he will respond although it may take him a few days) I understood the issues he was having with shipping in large quantities by himself during the shutdown while doing his other job. He will get it to you and you’ll be excited to have it!


Supporting Vendor
Apr 14, 2017
Hey guys! Racks are ready to ship! Please go back to your original invoice and pay the rest of the invoice! I will ship starting Monday... thanks so much for the support and love!

I want to continue to improve the rack make a high quality rack and listen to your needs! Someone mentioned that they loved the black look but noticed the spacers were aluminum color and wish it was black so This run I’m making a stealth mode spacer in black! Here it is


please post up your rigs guys we all want to see them with the Pro
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