Problems shifting gears

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Feb 22, 2003
I have recently installed a used/tight tranny and transfer case out of a '78 into my '76 fj40. I redid the clutch (plate, pressure plate, etc.) at the same time. The first thing I noticed is that there is much less slop in the shifter compared to my old setup.
I am finding that I am having problem down shifting from 3rd to 2nd and then into 1st.
The only time I experience the problem is slowing down to either make a corner or stop at a light, etc. I can shift to neutral but can't get it into any other gear. I'm not sure what I have done to get it back into gear. I tend to pump the clutch a couple of times then force it into gear. After it goes in, I am able to work through all of the gears flawlessly.
What is causing this. I can't determine if it is a clutch thing or a tranny problem?
not to be a total jerk but is there 90 wt in it? ive done that,do all kinds of work on something then forget the simplest thing like fluid.that will definately cause that.
other than that it would be synchros.but you said it was a tight trans out of a 78.maybe the slave cyl need s to be bled.or the master gave up on ya.eithr way i dont think its too serious so dont lose any sleep over it.these trannys are very tough so if you have to be rough on it do it. :D
i do
if you are pumping the clutch and then it works/shifts fine, then you need to make sure the clutch hydraulics are properly bled and adjusted. Might find you need a new slave or master (or both).
Thanks guys. I am going to order a new slave and master.
Out of curiosity, other than an obvious oil leak, how do you determine if the slave or master is bad. &nbsp:Do you have to have someone pump the clutch and watch the slave?
You might want to consider a rebuild kit for both. Might be a lot cheaper, and it is easy to do.

When my master went bad, I noticed fluid running below it on the firewall.

There would be brake fluid below the slave as well.

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