Post Build Thread - 1972 Fj40 Linked/LS 5.3/4L60e


Aug 22, 2014
Roseville, CA
Well, it seems as though it might be worth while to provide some feedback to the forum that has helped me out on many occasions. This is a post build thread (Are builds ever really done though?) of my 1972 FJ40. I thought if I provided some pictures and knowledge of my experiences it might save someone some time and energy (or headaches). Here is my build, glad to provide info/pics to help your project along. I built everything on this rig in my garage, and have countless hours of time invested.

1972 FJ40
2000 GM LS 5.3 (Throttle by cable) reworked factory harness for standalone
2WD 4L60E Automatic
Lomax NP205 (3:1 Gearing and Bulletproof)
GM Dana 60 Kingpin Front Axle (5.38 gearing/ ARB)
Dana 60U Rear axle out of a E-Series Ford Van (5.38 gearing/ 35 Spline Chromoly Shafts/ ARB)
14"-2.0 Coilovers up front (eventually 2.5s)
12"-2.0 Coilovers rear (eventually the 14's from up front will be in back)
I built a roughly 30 gallon tank that fits up tight to the tub under the rear bed space. Uses an FItech intank pump
Currently on 38" Patagonias (has been on 40's, but I enjoy driving it and have ventured everywhere on 38's I did on 40s)

I have owned this project for almost 8 years and it has been through many iterations... Stock -> SOA (stock drivetrain) -> SOA (LS/Orion/Stock Axles) ->Linked Dana 60s (Current State). As I find issues I fix them, and rework as needed. I enjoy building stuff around this rig, and as it evolves it gets better and better.

The current setup of this rig works very well. It drives down the freeway well, and has ample power. I have driven 1.5 hours to the trail head, wheeled all weekend and driven home. It flexes well around the stock frame.

To-Do List:
14" COs in the rear (pending funding, low priority)
Drop tank to fix leak from sending unit mounting flange (dreading this, its a cumbersome process)
Softtop (i have a matching hardtop, but the weather always changes on me as soon as it goes on)
I can drop the front down another 1-1.5" using a different spring combo so I might do that
Inner fender wells in front of CO
Cross brace on cage









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Apr 5, 2008
Menifee, CA
Do you recall what your wheelbase is ?
~105" (from his signature, which I realize is usually not seen from a mobile device unless you flip it horizontally and have the screen rotate lock turned off!)

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