Pirelli ATR Scorpion Tires

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Gray Rider

May 17, 2011
Anyone running on these? Talk me into OR out of buying a set. Thanks!
Thanks Mick!!
Good Point Corbet: 90% driving every day on road, 10% driving off road on dirt /gravel roads with the occasional "deep mud hole".......Thanks!!
Then I think your on the right track. Also consider:

Yokohama Geolander A/T-S
Bridgestone Revo II
Goodyear Wrangler silent armors
Nokian Vitiiva
Lots more choices in this type of tire

I have no real personal experience with the Pirelli's. Just know what they normally looked like after a few years when I would see them on trade-in's at the dealerships. I was not impressed with how the wore personally.

From the above list I'd pick the Goodyears or the Nokians if money is no object. Nokian if you see a lot of snow. You did not say. Yoko's on value. Just my .02

Now another tire debate has begun....
My cruiser came with a pair of used Pirellis and I was pretty underwhelmed by them. They where a bit worn down and possibly harder than when they where new. They where OK on a dry road but terrible in the snow and in dirt/rocks. I was not willing to get stuck so did not try them in the mud.
Look at some Falken High country ATs Thats what im running and have been nothing but impressed. they wear very well and grip nicely. Havent managed to get stuck yet. I like them cause they're an aggressive looking all terrain.:cheers:

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