Oil consumption...?

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Oct 29, 2004
Salt Lake City, UT
I recently gave my 80 it's first oil change four weeks ago. I just purchased it in January. I check my fluids regularly and I noticed that in four weeks my cruiser has consumed about 2 to 3 quarts. I am running Rotella 5w 40 Synthetic. I am not leaking or weeping any oil from my engine. And there is no visible smoke out of the exhaust. I am wondering if this is something that I should be overly concerned about? The previous owner ran dino oil. I doubt that this has anything to do with the oil consumption. Any feedback would be cool...:)
How many miles to lose that oil? A different oil might be worth trying, it seems to have some effect on the severity of consumption. M1 probably will increase consumption.
My guess off the top of my head is around 2000 to 2500. I will look at my gas recipts and figure it out. But it has got to be close to what I am guessing. Maybe I need to go with the Mobil 1.
It is not unusual to use more oil than normal on the first interval with a new/different oil.

Top it up and keep an eye on it. If you weren't burning or leaking with the other oil and you don't see leaks now, I bet it will settle down.
Guys thanks a ton.......... I really baby my cruiser and I am a little anal about it. If I notice anything wierd with it I will post on this issue again. Thanks for the feed back.
I case I wasn't clear, I was kinda recommending againxt Mobil 1, as I (and others) had increased consumption.
Ok maybe not. What would you recommend? I thought that Mobil 1 was choice oil. At least that was what my searches for oil of preference among 80 owners showed.
I am open to suggestions if you have had better luck with something else. I'm sorry I missed the last sentence of your previous post.
I asked Rotella about switching to Rotella T Syn from dino.
They said to change the oil after a short time, something like 2000mi as it will clean out all the crap that the dino oil left in there.
Don't know if its the cause of your consumption but I would change it and try it for a couple 6000 to 7000 mi oil changes and then have your oil checked buy a oil lab.

How do you drive, hard fast short trips?
How long between oil changes?
2 or 3 quarts in 2000 miles seems kind of high...
My truck consumes about 1/2 a quart every 2,500 miles. I was told that this was not that big a deal, considering the low tolerances that this motor has. (97 with 92,000 miles)
e9999 said:
2 or 3 quarts in 2000 miles seems kind of high...

It is, but remember - this is the first interval with a new oil. I agree that if it stayed that high, there is a problem.
I switched over to Mobile 1 at 178k and used 2+ quarts in the 3500 mile. On my second change 5500 miles I used 1 quart. Hopefully you should see the same reduction. I have my sample and sending to Blackstone to see how the engine is doing and what kind of oil life is left. Maybe you should do the same.
It seems to me that opinions differ. What are the majority of 80 owners running as their choice oil. I am sure this has been done already but it would be cool any one would be willing to weigh in and let me know what you use in your motor. It would be helpful. Thanks! Maybe it would be cool to have an oil/lube FAQ if this hasn't been done already.
There is already a FAQ about oil, generally those who have had consumption issued have moved to Rotella 5w-40 T-syn, since you are already runnign that I don't know.

Have you physically crawled under the engine to look for leaks or are you letting the dry driveway tell you it is not leaking? I ask because mine does not drip when parked but leaks at the rear main wile driving, I also have a seep at the oil pump cover and distributor. Loose a quart every 2000 miles or so.
The majority of owners on this forum are using Mobil 1 and Rotella. If they noticed high consumption with the Mobil 1 they tried switching to the Rotella, generally there is not as high of consumption with the Rotella. On the first OCI of switching to a synthetic, I noticed high consumption with Mobil 1. Stuck with the Mobil 1 and the consumption slowed down considerably to about 1/2 quart every 1500 miles.
Toyota considers up to one quart per 1,000 miles to be in the normal range.
Thanks for not flamin' me. I am looking at the oil FAQ right now. Yes I have actually crawled under my 80 and looked for leaks. I do 95% of the service on all of my vehicals. I have checked every single mating surface that could possibly leak motor oil. The only thing that I have that is leaking is a slight leak directly out of the bottom of the powersteering pump, which I will be addressing soon. Any how thanks again fo all of the feed back. The 80 forum seems to have a lot more friendly atmosphere than the 40 forum. Thanks for being cool....

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