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The bus needed only a little help. You can find videos of pickup pulling big rigs out of a small stick that appears to be worse. That 80 sure is sweet!
I’ve pulled a Suburban that was off the road and high centered on a heavily consolidated snowplow created snowbank back uphill to get it unstuck, and it’s 4wd mode had failed and it had road tires. Not easy and the driver was in total shock when we got it out. He was worried I’d get stuck just backing down to try.

A Suburban is not a bus, but 80’s are heavy and can do a lot more work than they seem. That bus has aggressive tires and that was a simple pull. If it had been dead weight, than yes, NO WAY.
About a year ago, I posted a video of my Cruiser helping a 39,000 lb. M816 wrecker up a very steep, soft and sandy hill, and every mall crawler as
shole on here popped off about how if they were driving the M816, it wouldn't have needed help. I expect this to be no different.

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