Newbie introduction.

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May 16, 2010
Madison, Wisconsin
Few weeks ago I jumped right in with questions for the group without introducing myself. This is ass backwards, but here is my retroactive intro.

I live Nort' near Madison Wisconsin USA. My current daily driver is a 73' that had a frame off resto about 3 years ago. I am a little embarrased to say I did not do the resto, but I did two in the past and now with 3 kiddos and a loving but critical of my publically displayed driveway projects wife, opted for a "finished" product.

IOKRU2 was my Grandfathers license plate for about 10 years until he passed.

This list already has been invaluable. Cruisers have always been a part of my life from early childhood - my kids are not allowed to refer to my LC generically as a jeep ;)

See you around, here a a few pics of my cruiser.
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very nice
what is that thing going on your #1 spark plug wire? looks like one on you #2 also...
welcome, good to see another stock condition 40.
nice :cheers:
Nice rig! The bezel is correct too! ;)
Nice 40! I imagine that my 40 must have looked something like that years ago.
Great looking 40! BTW, I'm a newbie here also. Lots of great topics, discussions, and help!
Thanks for the nice words gents. The thing on cylinder 1 is a spark plug tester. Got the rig from a collection down in Utah. Had to sell my 08' Frontier which was a great truck to get it, but I have not regretted it. I needed money about 10 years ago and sold off my old cruiser and all my rebuild stuff to boot. Wife was happy, but my heart was broke. Best way to cure a broken heart is to find love again.
Welcome from another noob. Nice rig...nothing wrong with someone else doing the resto, you just end up with less money and more time, right?

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