New 60 carpet for sale! January 2, 2023 UPDATE

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May 2, 2004
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January 2, 2023 NOTIFICATION OF 1/9/23 MFR. PRICE INCREASE: Hey IH8MUD members, I wanted to give everyone a heads-up that I just received notification of a manufacturer price increase (about 10%), effective 1/9/2023. Therefore, if you've been considering carpet for your truck (or gifting some carpet for someone else's truck), now would be a less expensive time to do it vs. after the first of 2023. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Don't forget that my carpet now comes with an in-depth installation guide! It'll help you (a) plan for your install, (b) speed up your install, and (c) prevent mistakes along the way!


OK. Here’s a project I’ve been working on for some time now, and it’s finally about to reach the point at which it can benefit all of us! (Well, all of us in need of carpet anyway......)

Like many of you, over time I either had, or was considering buying, a 60 or two that could stand to be restored (or at least, a little freshened up.) One of the main items I kept running across was dirty or ratty/destroyed or non-existent carpet, and I wasn’t being successful in finding the “correct” replacement carpet for them. 25 years ago, I used to mainly play around with muscle cars, so in my terminology, “correct” means the right color / texture / finishing of the carpet that would have originally come in the vehicle. Granted, only break-the-bank OEM carpet is going to exactly match what came in the vehicle, but I was looking for something that was (a) affordable, and (b) so close to OEM that you really had to know what you were looking for in order to tell the difference between aftermarket and OEM......and that was my problem. I wasn’t finding any. As a result, I set out to see if I could find a carpet manufacturer that was willing to work with me to produce what I was seeking.....primarily for the projects on which I was working at the time, but also to see if I could make it cost-effective to provide our hobby with a solid, OEM looking/performing product.

Soooo, with that goal in mind, I contacted some of the companies from whom I had bought quality carpet in earlier days, and after talking with a few, I found one who was willing to take a chance on this carpet project, even considering the small(er) size of our community. I explained to them in specific terms that my goal was to have them create a molded, nylon loop-pile carpet, in “correct” colors, with appropriate backing, and with surged edges like would have been the edge finishing from the factory. They agreed on everything.......except the color. They advised me it takes a very large fabric commitment in order for the “dye house” to offer a custom color and that they couldn’t guarantee it would match the factory colors, but it “should be pretty close.” Well, when I got that response, I advised them that was one of the main problems I had encountered in my initial search, and I saw no reason to proceed with this project if the end product was going to be incorrect like all I had found before. I told them the bottom line for me was: It’s either correct or it’s not. I reminded them that they weren’t likely going to, for instance, tell a Corvette guy that the carpet you’re selling him for his NCRS restoration is “pretty close.”.......that wouldn’t work for him, and it wouldn’t work for me.

Thankfully, the guy with whom I was working (GREAT guy, by the way) understood my position, and he went to bat for this project a second time with the executives of the company. I’m not sure how he pulled it off, but they agreed once again to take a chance on there being “enough” 60s to make it worthwhile. He told me if I had any unfaded samples of the two carpet colors in the 60, he would get them matched up......and it just so happened that I had two carpet sets, a sample of each I took from under the center console. Boom! So off we went.......

Enough of the text background to the project, here’s a visual rundown of what it took to make this project come together:

Our lovely floor pan "model" leaves the shop on the way to get her svelte measurements taken:

carcass going to get measured.JPG

Raw, straight, rust-free floor pan ready for cleaning

60 floor pan 2.JPG

Cleaned floor pan with mold being created

mold floor pan 1.JPG

mold floor pan 3.JPG

mold floor pan 2.JPG

More below.............

Following is an overview of the ordering instructions for the various items we offer for both FJ60s and FJ62s:

- A complete 6-piece set (front row occupant carpet/second row occupant carpet/cargo area carpet/tailgate carpet/2 rear wheel well carpet pieces)
- We also have front corresponding carpeted floor mats (driver's mat / passenger's mat / one-piece second row mat)
- For the rear, we have a corresponding carpeted cargo area mat
- Lastly, if you want bulk carpet to replace the carpet on the bottom of the door panels and cargo panels, we have that also. I've not done that replacement myself (yet), but people have told me 1 yard is a sufficient quantity to do the job

It's all a la carte pricing, so if you're interested in ordering any / all of these, please PM me and I'll respond with (shipped) pricing.

From the time I submit the order, I usually have a tracking number for the shipment in less than 48 business hours (NOTE: there have been some intermittent slow downs due to Covid, but that's the exception, not the rule.)

(P.S., You can be confident there's nothing you can do to the interior of your truck that will transform it more than this replacement carpet. The difference is simply astounding!)
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Formed carpet.........nope! That's cut pile, not loop pile. Won't work. HAS to be loop pile! We got that worked out, but I mainly wanted to let you know that if you DO want cut pile, and if you DO want it in red (or any other ridiculous color, we can do that too!:rofl:

formed 1.JPG
formed 2.JPG
formed 3.JPG

It's hard to tell from the bad photo I took, but these are the original carpet colors - taken from under the consoles of both a brown carpet and a grey carpet 60


The tailgate band comes pre-made with vinyl edging, so when you put it over your existing tailgate band (under the OEM carpet), you simply wrap the vinyl under it, secure it, and it leaves the exposed vinyl edge.....just like the OEM part was produced!

tailgate band.JPG

Virtually the same backing that came on the OEM carpet

carpet backing.JPG

and surged edges.....just like OEM! That way, when you open the front doors, you don't see vinyl trim where the front and rear pieces come together like on some of the other available carpet kits

carpet edging.JPG

Bottom line: We are expecting carpet delivery within the next 30 days (hopefully sooner), and once we do, this is the tentative pricing for the following items:

1981-87 Land Cruiser kits - comprised of Passenger area, Cargo area, Wheel wells (if you want a carpeted wheel well vs. the OEM vinyl), and Tailgate. (Cargo area padding is loose in the box. This set does not include door panels.) Retail: $520. Your cost, either color: $420

1988-90 Land Cruiser kits - comprised of Passenger area, Cargo area, Wheel wells (if you want a carpeted wheel well vs. the OEM vinyl) , and Tailgate. (Cargo area padding is loose in the box. This set does not include door panels.) Retail: $520. Your cost, either color: $420

If your door panel / cargo panel carpets are faded and in need of replacement (I’m not sure of the technique you’d need to replace these areas, but I’m confident a competent upholstery shop could come up with a way to do it), bulk carpet is available to cover these areas. We’ve yet to determine exactly how much will be needed (answer forthcoming), but it’s inexpensive at about $40 per yard.

All prices are plus shipping, of course.

At this point, I’m trying to gauge interest. If you’re in need of quality, molded, “correct” carpet at a great price, please let me know. PM me with questions, etc. or reply here.

.........On the other hand, if carpet in a 6x isn’t your thing, thanks for reading this far down the page!
What would the rough volume & weight be delivered as a kit (1981-87)? I'll need it to price the shipping for international. I have a US address in Portland, then ship international from there.

Also, I have the bench sheet configuration on my 60 rather than the central storage, will this be an issue? It doesn't seem like it from your photos.
well...that seems like a fairly quality product...
I am definitely interested if the quality is there. The price is certainly hard to beat! Looking forward to seeing an installed version that isn't red...
The floor pans changed at some point, maybe late 85? I could be wrong on that, but do the carpet sets accommodate the different versions?
Interested...also would like to know if the driver side will incorporate the vinyl/ rubber heel pad. Thanks for all the time invested into this project. Looks good.
Thanks for the kind words, support, and all of the PM "reservations." It appears many of you were in the same boat with me in needing carpet!

Sorry I didn't provide as much initial detail as I should have on the final product. Below, you will see photos of an early prototype carpet set (NOT the correct color brown - that has been corrected). All kits will have front passenger area, rear passenger area, cargo area, tailgate carpet, and carpeted rear wheel well covers.

  • It DOES have the vinyl heel AND toe pads
  • The edges are surged where the front and rear passenger pieces overlap
  • As as added detail to make it "correct," I requested the surging of the handbrake opening, just like was done on the OEM carpet!
  • All other edges that aren't covered by sill plates, rear seat back trim or the chrome tailgate band, are also surged.
This manufacturer told me they've seen 60 series trucks that had carpeted rear wheel well covers instead of the vinyl ones. I've never seen a truck with those, but out of an abundance of caution, they created carpeted ones, and they're going to be included with every carpet set.

Please keep the questions and "reservations" coming!

Prototype 1.JPG
Prototype 2.JPG
Prototype 3.JPG
Prototype 4.JPG
Prototype 5.JPG

Oh, and here's the entire tailgate carpet panel

Prototype 6.JPG
As with all aftermarket carpet, you'll have to position the carpet in your truck, then cut out the holes for the seat bolts, shifters, rear heater, etc. Aftermarket manufacturers' equipment isn't sophisticated enough to be as precise as Toyota's, plus Toyota could have made slight model year adjustments / changes of which the aftermarket was unaware.......Just wanted everyone to be aware that some trimming, slight "customization," etc. is necessary on the installation of aftermarket carpet
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