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Mar 27, 2005
I finally found, and purchased an FJ40 a week or so ago. Just purchased my silver star today, so I thought I'd post up and make it official.

Bought the 40 from a member of the board (thanks Jared). Here is a pic:

This is bittersweet - I was in Atlanta when it was delivered (last Thursday), home for a day to look over it (took about 150 pictures), and back out to Florida until the 20th. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET HOME!!

I also have an FZJ80, which is a DD/weekend warrior. Too many battle wounds, so I will eventually stop driving the 80 on the trails, and use the 40 exclusively for offroading.

I've built a couple of heeps, an EB, and most recently a few International Scouts. Thought I'd become a Toyota only family - I've always loved the 40s, and I'm looking forward to driving it soon.


'77 FJ40
4" lift (not sure what kind, but the springs have "CANADA" printed on the front eyes)
Linexed interior
2F/4sp - not sure which one
Pic shows Kelly tires, but I have some new 35" ProComp Xterrains that go on when I get home

I also have a question out of the gate...

Are factory service manuals available for the 40s? I need one. I don't want to mess around with Chilton/Haynes.

Thanks! Looking forward to 40 ownership!


Jun 16, 2004
Traverse City, MI

The FSM's are available from Toyota (1-800-622-2033). I just ordered mine earlier this week. For '78 they only had the chassis, engine and emissions manuals. It was about $60 total for the chassis and engine manuals. I think BDS springs are canadian but I'm sure there are others as well.
Jan 15, 2005
Alexandria, VA
CDan is Toyota. He told you to call the 800 number? When did you buy yours? Maybe things have changed.

Back in Feb or March I called that number, and they told me the Body and Chassis book was on back order for a few months. I then called Dan, who told me the same thing, but 3 days later my FSM showed up from Dan. With the generous MUD discount. He's worth a shot.

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