Need Help! Cone spacer stuck in bottom of Birfield!

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Look for the split in the cone and gently tap it with a small screw driver
It better not be plastic.
I just did mine yesterday and I had to knock the crap out of a few of them. I used a brass drift and hit it on the housing right above the stud. Eventually it popped free and per CDan, they are not plastic. Just a lightweight metal.

You can also put nut on the end of the stud and tap it with the brass drift/hammer and it should eventually pop off.

I had to go to an uncomfortable level of force to get a couple of mine to come loose, but they eventually let loose with no ill effects.

Good luck.
I just use an air chisel with a blunt end on it and hit next to the washer, the steering arm itself (or the drive flange if you're doing those one's).

Always worked like a charm for me, and it doesn't destroy the cone or stud...
Like many have said, the cone washer that you are talking about are on the studs for the steering arm in the knuckle. I used a brass hammer and just hit the outside and inside of the steering am and let it vibrate the cone washer free. I get more luck doing this than hitting the studs themselves. I wouldn't hit the cone washer directly and by driving something into the split you are actually just driving it further apart making it tighter. Good luck
I just let 3 out of 4 studs fall out, then let the last nut work its way loose so the last cone washer is plenty loose.

The steering will let you know when everything has come loose enough for you to take it apart with no tools.

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