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Jun 5, 2005
The Netherlands

This might not be the right place to ask, but here is goes anyway.

I´m in need of some small parts which are considarably cheaper from Cool Cruisers of Texas than any other vendor out here in The Netherlands.
The problem is that from overseas it´s not possible to pay by credit card, but only via wire transfer and shipping is more expensive than the parts are worth.

My question is: does anybody want to help me out and order the parts that i need and ship them to me? Way of payment will be discussed.

I know this will be moved to chat, but i wanted this to be seen by the 40 series owers first.

Thanks in advance.

I'll have a go. Send me an email with a parts list. :)

Not that either of you arn't trust worthy, but as a general rule, you should do everything in your power to cover your butt. Get photocopies of the Drivers licences, place of address, home phone, personal info etc... etc...

better safe than sorry, especially when you're looking at paying over 100 dollars in shipping for something.
Wire transfer from Europe is about 8 Euro and takes exactly 2 seconds. If I were to expect money from someone over there, I would use wire transfer, too. You'll get a receipt from your bank within a couple of days.

Shipping costs will not be much cheaper for a private person, either........
If they are really SMALL parts, then you can't beat the post office's Parcel Post for shipping. Problem is most stateside vendors are not set up to deal with it, because SOMEBODY's got to drive to the post office. They prefer to ship with a shipping company that comes to their door like UPS and FedEx, which SUCK on international shipping.

How much do you think the stuff weighs? Anyone who wants to help can go to the USPS webisite and plug in the weight and figure out shipping from there.

So basically, anyone who is comfortable with giving you electronic access to their bank account and make a trip to the post office can help you.

Good luck.

I'd recommend that you get what you can from the classifeid section of this board too. These guys are usually cheaper than CCOT or any body else, plus friendly and fast in my experiance. Almost everybody uses pay pal, only takes a few minutes to set up an account and then they can ship it by regular post.
Thanks for all your advice.

The parts will not exeed 4 pound in total weight and are small. What i want to order are parts like reflectors, door latches, stuff like that.

I already have a pay pal account and that´s my preffered way to make a payment.

I also know there is a risk involved for both parties, but i generally trust Cruiserheads that are active in the Cruiser community and i´ve never been let down by one of them.

Theo i´ll send a PM

Thanks Mark
Ah, but the post office will come to your door and pick up your parcels. Go to and check out "click and ship" etc.
I pick up packages all the time from my customers. You can also look at the special rate on priority mail, I think its $7.95 no weight restriction, it just has to fit in a couple of certain sized boxes.

(the Cruiserhead carrier)

Thanks for the link

I just figured out that the most economical shipping would be $19.25
It would take 4 to 6 weeks, but that's not a problem for me.


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