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Sep 5, 2011
hohenwald TN
Just read through this entire thread, what an awesome build and an amazing journey. It saddens me to read about the decision to sell it although I completely understand the reasons. Best of luck with getting what you think is fair for it.
Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
Just read through this entire thread, what an awesome build and an amazing journey. It saddens me to read about the decision to sell it although I completely understand the reasons. Best of luck with getting what you think is fair for it.

What do I think it is worth?... Hmmmm...


I believe in capitalism... it'll fetch what it is supposed to. I do have a number in mind, but I am consulting a few other folks before listing it.
Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
Alright... time is coming. I have been making a spread sheet of everything I spent on the trailer... WOW! It added up a bit more than I thought. I am going to get it onto some scales before posting it up for sale...

I am guessing 850# dry...

any guesses?
Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
Come and get it...


The time has come for me to sell my awesome little rugged camping trailer. I hand built this trailer in my garage 10 years ago and while I planned on keeping it forever, life has a way of changing our minds. 10 years ago I was newly married, my wife loved exploring with me in our old FJ40 and we had a blast using this setup. Fast forward and we now have three little kids, a busy life and a looming move in the next couple of months and I have decided I would like to pass this unique build onto the next explorer.

I built this because I love camping and exploring but I HATE Packing and unpacking for every trip. With this setup, we have EVERYTHING we need already in the trailer. We can add fresh food, water and clothes and be on our way in about 30 minutes. It has really encouraged our “last minute” decisions to take off for the weekend. We know if we need it, it is already in the trailer.

I have a complete build thread on ih8mud that details every single decision, design consideration, and part added to the trailer, from the chassis mock up to the paint and powder coat, this thread can answer EVERY QUESTION you might have. Grab a hot cup or joe, a cold brew or an iced sweet tea and enjoy the build…

Link to Trailer Build on IH8MUD

However, with the thread extending 58 pages and over 1,000,000 views- here are the highlights… entire picture album showing current condition found here... REZARF TRAILER

Overall Trailer:

· It is the only REZARF built trailer in existence, for now I will build another one day.

· It is roughly 64 x 43 x 24” (main box) front is roughly 38 x 18 x 12” (these are off the top of my head but close).

· It is built out of steel tubing and sheet to make it incredibly strong and yet light weight.

· Two main compartments one for camping gear, one for the electrical and water systems.

· Drop down tailgate.

· Hinged lids on both compartments

· Front compartment lid has a cooler/firewood rack.

· Bulldog pivoting front drop down wheel/stand.

· Stainless or Mil-Spec coated hardware throughout the entire build. Lock nuts on every single bolt.

· Chassis is fully Mig-welded tube steel, frame is 3x2-.120” wall, and the trailer structure is 16ga HREW 1” square tube with 16ga sheet metal throughout.

· Paint is from Sherman Williams industrial line and painted in FJ40 blue.

· Powder coat on everything that is either white or black (sans frame and main compartment). Fenders, lids, front box interior, draw bar, etc.

· Removeable and adjustable draw bar for easy storage, and adjustable tongue length to adapt to other vehicles.

· Lock-n-roll articulating hitch with steel coil connectors (read… SILENT).

· Rear reverse flood lights for backing up at night/setting up camp.

· FJ40 rear tail lights, because they are rad.

· Hi-Lift Slide n Lock track system for strapping down gear, sheet goods etc.

· 7 Pin trailer hookup.

· Current, title, vin # and, and registration ready to go.


· Custom axle by ABC Trailers to match the FJ40 track with and bolt pattern.

· Bearing buddy greaseable hubs

· 3,500 pound rated springs and axle

· Electric brake ready

· 35” Goodyear MT/R tires

· 6 x 5.5” 10” wide wheels from American Racing.

· Munroe trailer shocks (included but not installed yet).

Creature Comforts (after all this is why you want a trailer!)

· Roof top tent that can easily sleep 4 it is MASSIVE, upgraded ladder.

· Full 3 bar Yakima roof bar system

· Locking A1 Towers on Yakima landing pads

· 22 pounds of on-board propane. Enough to run a fire pit, hot water shower and all your cooking needs for a LONG time.

· 16 gallons of water with Surflo 12v on demand pump

· On board shower

· 2 Marine Deep Cycle batteries with 200+ amp/hr capacity.

· 120v to 12v batter charging system (plug it in and charge it at home)

· Complete on board electrical system from Blue Sea with fuses and waterproof switches.

· Exterior Outlets (3) for lights, accessories, charging devices etc.

· Storage in the frame rails for tent/fishing poles.

And more that I am sure I am forgetting.

The good:

This trailer tracks amazingly well. I did a ton of research, read books, talked with trailer builders here in the USA and in Australia, crunched numbers and studied geometry to get a trailer that follows the rig nearly perfectly around obstacles. The steel frame is likely stronger than anything you will tow it with. It is relatively light weight (aprox 800 lbs dry) and rolls as smooth as glass. The lock-n-roll/steel safety “chains” make for a silent hook up over rough roads. In short, it is a treat to pull and you hardly know it is there.

The trailer is super comfortable. The roof top tent and creature comforts make for a near home-like stay in the backcountry. We have truly enjoyed this trailer. However, we just aren’t getting the nights out in that we used to. I have likely only stayed in this trailer for 40-50 nights in the past 10 years… most of those being in the first two years after building it.

It has always been garage kept and we have no pets and are non-smokers.

The axle can have the hubs changed out to match your tow rig, and the paint color (though it is the greatest color on earth imho) can be changed at any body shop for a couple hundred bucks for a scuff and squirt.

The bad:

As life got busy with kids I wasn’t able to “finish” all the systems. For instance the wiring is in place, the switch panel, fuses and switches are ready to go but I didn’t hard wire things like a RTT light or other accessories. The water system is all there but not plumbed. With a few fun days of work it’d be 100% finished. I had planned on a pull out kitchen… those parts are included (Sink, HD 48” drawer slides, sink etc) but it isn’t finished. Overall, we use the trailer as it sits and can be used today and provide a lot of comfort. However, with a few days of tinkering and plugging some stuff in, it’d be AMAZING!

The body has a few scuffs and scrapes from use (and storage) but nothing major.

The tires are old, but I trust them. I rotate them between my trailer and FJ40. Again garage kept.

The Ugly:

One of the rear latches for the tailgate broke on an endless washboard road. I am working on having the part TIG-welded back together, but finding a spare locking paddle latch is proving difficult.

The shocks are not installed, not a big deal when the trailer is loaded up… and perfectly fine on slower trail work but on-road at highway/street speed and empty and the trailer can bounce a bit over bumps. Shocks would dampen this and all the hardware is included to mount them up.

What I would do with more time:

· Complete each system to 100% capacity. It works fine as is it just needs another 20 hours to make it more awesome.

· Have the front leading edges wrapped with 3M clear bra material to save on rock chips, none at the moment, but I have done mostly slow trail work.

· Use some sort of industrial sealant to seal up the main box corners. Truckers caulk or similar.

· Add solar to the electrical system.

· Create two drawers for the back (2 sets of 48” HD ball bearing drawer slides are included) one for a slide out kitchen, one for gear.

· Add a few LED light strips here and there for camp.

· Take a lot more pictures of the trailer with sunsets, snow cover, canyons and beaches in the background.

· Make more memories with my kids… but we can’t all fit in the 40 anymore.

I will miss this little trailer and would like the courtesy of “first dibs” it the new owner decides to sell it down the road. Perhaps my life circumstance will have changed. That said, it is a real head turner, I have people that follow me to trails and or gas stations just to ask about it, lots of people think Toyota is in the trailer business now, I have had cash offers on the spot for it, and the build thread has over 1,000,000 views… this rugged little box has a following.

I can deliver or meet up within a half days drive from Denver (half way to Salt lake, Cheyenne, Albuquerque, OKC, Lincoln, KS, Amarillo etc) or I will work with you as you arrange a shipping transporter. Shipping is buyers expense. The trailer will fit any 2” receiver hitch and is light enough that nearly any rig can tug it. It can be adapted to a 4pin trailer harness with a converter.

I am asking $12,500 obo. For this one of a kind piece of kit.

What’s next you ask? I am going to build my own poor-man’s Earth Romer so the family can fit and we can keep making outdoor adventure memories.
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Joel, TLCA #21509
Aug 11, 2005
Peoria, AZ
Just wrapped up this thread... great build. Completely understand the eventual sell. Loving watching threads like this where we see people's lives change/grow as their rigs do, and vice-versa!

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